Jan 30, 2013

Hair trends 2013

Hi everyone! I started working at a clothing company a few days ago and I met a really nice colleague. She has a really charming karma and I can learn a lot from her. But the interesting part is her careful styling. Looking at her today, when we were talking about life in general, she made me think about hair trends. When I got home, I started searching for trends in 2013 and set up this photo montage for you…


 White Grey 




 Low pony 

 Rock n roll'a

 Tying a knot 

 Braid with twist 

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Jan 28, 2013

Little Black Dress

Hi everyone! The spring/summer season arrived in the fashion industry as many designers have
already realized their collections. This was a reason for me to update my wardrobe when I realized I
don’t have a “little black dress”.
I wanted something special feminine with a soft line and rough edge on the solder. When I started
sketching it came to me, the whole look…A woman with a curved shape, long neckline and a
dramatic look on the face.

I started talking with the team and we decided to go to the +Castel Haller for inspiration. If you
haven’t visited the +Castel Haller until now, we strongly recommend you to visit it. Dating from the
15th century, and known for its luxury, the castle has been recently rehabilitated and decorated
following its initial interior design. After visiting it, the medieval air made us think about fairy tales,
princesses and princes, intrigues and masked balls. And because we were preparing one of our
weekly looks, we brainstormed and prepared a medieval and romantic party look.

The dress is a modern little black dress every girl should have in her closet for special events. It is
always elegant and is easy to accessorize or match with a minimalistic makeup for example of black
liner and red lipstick. For this specific dress, we did a romantic curly hair and a mask-like makeup as
if our graceful princess was preparing for an evening ball. The makeup has a shimmer blue smoky
eyes, white crystals glued on a shadowed side and, of course, the mandatory red lipstick. From the
medieval times, we kept the pale skin and the rosy cheeks. We accessorized the dress with a black
flower from the same tulle material as the dress, black shoes and black and silver clutch.

Designer: Mathe Annamaria

Model: Szucher Eszter Timea

Pohto Credits: Levente Engel

Makeup: Gina Bordas

Hairstyle:Szidi Akacsos

Let us know if you like this look or you have any suggestions on how to improve it. Thank you for

Article written by: Mathe Annamaria and Gina Bordas for the Style Mile Weekly Look project.

Jan 25, 2013

Textile Roses

Hi everyone! It’s finally Friday after a week of hard work! Now I have time for myself to do something nice and colorful. Personally I miss spring so I thought about flowers and worm days… anyway, I remembered, textile roses and how I made it or played with it. Thus I searched for these tutorials for you.

Have fun on your weekend and enjoy this flash back.
Stay tuned for Monday because a new weekly look is coming up! 

Jan 23, 2013

Make up for fashion show

Hi everyone! I hope you liked our last post. Today Gina prepared for you a nice tip for make up.

Fashion show makeup usually tends to be unique and innovative, at the same time wearable as,
along the clothes, makeup will be a sought-after product. Let’s not forget that a fashion show is a
show and the makeup, fitting the garment must be spectacular as well.

Last November, the Style Mile team participated at the Extravagance Fashion Show held in Galati
with a collection inspired by the Impressionism. This was a great opportunity for learning how to
prepare for a national-wide fashion show in terms of team setup, clothes and look designs and

So, back to makeup, here are some thoughts on how to prepare for a fashion show if you are a
makeup artist.

1. The final look on the runaway represents the work of an entire team: the designer, the
makeup artist, the hairstylist and the model. The makeup artist must present te designer’s
vision as well as the makeup trends of that time.

2. The makeup design must be prepared in advance, after viewing the clothes and knowing the
designer’s vision. It is OK to prepare several designs, test them on models or prepare some
face charts. The image below is just an example.

3. Face charts are very important because, once the look approved, the makeup artist can
write down all information on products used, their use on the face or any other special
instructions. This will be helpful as during the show, the makeup must be done quickly,
sometimes on more models.

4. Before the show begins, it is recommended to test the makeup on the catwalk, if something
does not look OK, or the designer does not like the makeup under those light, there is still
time to change the look.

5. Bear in mind that models have different skin tones and that the intense pink for the cheeks
may not look the same on each face or that you need to make up models who are wearing
a makeup from a previous presentation from which you can still preserve foundation and
mascara, for example.

6. Just before the show, refresh lipstick, or powder to combat shine and be prepared to stand
by and retouch while the models are changing clothes.

Back to the Extravagance show, we have prepared several makeup looks inspired by fairy tales like
Cinderella. Here is what we created.

‘There are no rules for makeup’, just creativity!

This article is written by Gina Bordas for the Style Mile the Blog.

Photo credits: internet, own archive, Levente Engel Photograpgy.

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Jan 21, 2013

Just like in the 60’s

Hi everyone! It’s finally Monday which means we have the look for this week! The first weekly look of 2013!

The inspiration for this look was the 60’s. These 1961 Classic Teen Junior Cocktail Dresses were the starting points of my designs.

I wanted to create both an evening and a day look at the same time. If you put on a jacket and a nice simple high heel, you can wear it throughout the day at the office. After getting over with the daily job all you have to do is put on some accessories (mostly silver in this case), take off the laser and feel free to go out with your friends to dinner. It’s going to look nice on you, because it's not too glamorous yet still feminine.

We chose Haller Castel for the photo shoot. That place blows my mind. The furnishing is spectacular, with the old aspect of the castle. The garden looks like it would be from 19th century or older, with a beautiful metal cupola and benches. It’s a really romantic place. If you want to know more about the place click here.
The Haller Castle crest

I think this velvet dress is going really nice with the concept of the castle.

For this look our makeup artist Gina Bordas chose this nice smoky eye with a little red on the cheek. I think this color matches perfectly with this blue green eye.

We have a new crew member a young hair stylist. She’s new in the industry. Her name is Szidonia Akacos. She made this ruffled loop of hair, making the face more opened, meanwhile the back and shoulder of the dress is nicely shown.

On this photo shoot I worked with two photographers Levente Engel and Andras Bandi, I hope you enjoyed it. You can check the crew members' work separately by clicking on their name.

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Next Monday will come with a new look! Stay tuned. ^^

Jan 20, 2013

About Makeup and Photo Shooting

Hi everyone! For this post we wrote about make up.

As you may have read before, Weekly Look is our closest to heart project, as we, the team behind,
are more and more motivated and encouraged to work harder and deliver more. Each look brings
new challenges that make us learn and search for more detailed inside industry info so that our looks
will be more and more fantastic.

In this blog post we will cover some important tips and tricks on makeup and photography we are
following so that we have the best result possible. There is no great secret, no special products
behind makeup for photo shooting, still some recommendations need to be followed.

It is very important to have the whole team involved and listen to each one’s ideas (makeup artist,
stylist, hair stylist, photograph) as we decide specific details of the session like the purpose of the
shoot, the lighting, the theme, whether we will do a B&W or a color shooting and who will be
our model. The perfect model for shooting should have a flawless skin, harmonized features and,
preferably, light-color eyes, skin and hair.

Before starting the makeup, it is very important to settle what light should be used, indoor or
outdoor, and apply the makeup accordingly, using the same light. In studio condition and flash, the
makeup may need to have more definition. Needless to say, the foundation must match exactly the
skin tone and the face must match the body and the exterior light, for example, is merciless and will
accentuate any flaw.

For color photography, it is very important that the foundation matches the skin exactly, the texture
is even on the skin and a skin-tone powder is used with measure.

For black and white photography it is OK to avoid shimmer or bronzer. Instead, the makeup artist just
needs to define the model features.

The work of the makeup artist is not done once the makeup is completed, but it will continue after,
making changes, as the photographer starts shooting, It is essential to analyse the first shoot to have
the photographer’s opinion on how is makeup working or not working with his own lighting.

‘There are no rules for makeup’, just creativity!

If you want to see more about my work you can visit my page. More details on our project are available on our fan page. Please like us and let us know your comments.

These photos were made by Levente Engel and you can see his photos here.

See you tomorrow for the first weekly look of this year!