Feb 10, 2014


"when it feels like home..."

After I got home form my try out, I felt miserable. I think everybody experienced such a thing. I had to clear my head and start think about my next step to figure out: What is going to be? What should I do with my life?  So I arranged a trip to my grandparents house. They past away several years ago, but that house is close to my heart. Every time I visit that place, I change, helps me a lot to find my self. It felt like home. 

Every day I took a stroll and I did some pictures which I think are inspiring. Also I did some designs based on those pictures.

My First look was inspired by the panorama: For this look I was thinking to create an overall with a print on the front. I want to reflect the winter on these looks so I decided to add sparkly thermal stones and glitter on the garments.

My next look is base on the show: It's a glitter skirt which reflects the snow surface.

This look is based on some reed. I liked the puffiness of the "flower" and I imagined a nice puff skirt with a nice chic upper part and some stones on it. It's a soft look but also reflects the winter.  

This look was inspired by the sad forest from the village border. When you see a forest in the winter they are simply trees but when you look closely you can see a fabric texture in it. Based on this texture I created this look.

My last look its based on the snow surface. You can see how the light and shadow goes together by creating this nice texture. I waned to use this style on a jacket.   

I hope you got inspired and you can use this ideas next winter. 

Feb 1, 2014

So much for my happy ending...

One door closes, another opens…

I finished my drawings which I needed for the second part of the interview and guess what?...They called me after 3 hours and told me that my design and technical skills aren't good enough. Yeah…I felt like shit…I worked my ass off for this one and they didn't pay me anything… Probably they will use my design but what can I do? Someone told me that “fashion life is a bitch you need to be a bigger one to survive”. After a few months I have to admit that she was right.

Anyway my friend tried to cheer me up by the text: “one door closes, another opens”…I hope he’s right cuz I listened.  I moved back home after 3 weeks, my flat mates aren't happy about it, I miss them already but my life needs to go on. Don’t ever stop if you see a problem, resolve it, if you can’t put it away and fix it later, is that simple…

I need to start to rethink my future and reopen my atelier get more tools. This time I want to concentrate on the sales and get more clients/ collaboration … It’s time to take my work to another level.

Have a nice weekend :D!