Jun 10, 2012

Recycling materials: Before and After

Hi everyone!!! I got some ideas and i started to recreate new designs for some old clothes...it called refashion. It`s really used in England. There`s a company named Junky Style, they got a nice company policy based on refashion and textile recycling. They inspired me. So these are my work, I hope you enjoy it! :D

Jun 4, 2012

Wear your drawin`

Style Mile was invited to Kézdivásárhely for kids day. To this occasion we came up with the idea of kids wearing what they were drawing and to see the kids creativity and imagination.

On the first day (June 2): we provided simple skirts and shorts for girls and boys, and then they drew on it. We made wearable clothes. The skirts and shorts were sewed only with 3 and 4 simple sewing lines. When we finished, the kids started to draw on it. After the paint got dry, we have shown them how to put rubber band in the skirts and shorts. 

When we ran out of the rubber band we started to sew easy objects, like pillow case and apron.

Let me show you some of their work ^^

Isn't this lovely? ^^

On the second day (June 3): we were a little bit scared because we ran out of paint and rubber band so we needed to improvise. We couldn't let the kids down, so I started to teach them how to make simple sewing by applying: button sewing , button decoration (on the pillow case), and the other task was the textile rose.
The kids really loved the the idea and they showed creativity. I had fun and I was so glad to show them some of my ideas.

You can find more pictures on the facebook page: 


Jun 1, 2012

Party Dresses

Color: black
Material: veil,minimat,chain
Size: all
Price: 34 euro\ 150 Ron 

Color: black and...
Size: all
Price: 16 euro\70 Ron 

Color: all
Size: all
Price: 34 euro\150Ron
Material: Satin,tulle
If you want to order from these dresses leave a msg here. If you have questions leave below in the comment section. Thank you!