Feb 18, 2013

Easy to wear look...

Hi everyone! For this week I prepared an “easy to wear” look for you. The inspiration for this look was my rushing life. I got bored a little of the regular fabric, thus I wanted to try something different, like mixing satin with elastic fabric. Those two materials are different and hard to work with. The elastic fabric stretches when you try to sew it horizontally. When you finish up the elastic part you need to iron the material and after that start to assembly with the upper part. I added some sparkly beads for the dress to give an expensive look to it. 

The makeup was made, as usual, by Gina Bordas. Her opinion follows:

Since the look prepared is more spring or summer days for the modern girls who want to be ready and glamorous in a short amount of time, I have decided to prepare a simple makeup, easy to replicate the look in no time. As the hair was just simply straightened, the makeup also tends to be very natural. In fact, one of this spring/summer makeup trends is to go more and more natural, using just one strong color stain, usually on the lips. Colors used: natural brow on the eye lids, eyelash curler and mascara, and foundation, contouring and blush for the face. As mentioned above, the color focus was put on the lips, by adding a strong red lipstick. This makeup can be used during the day, but also for a night out. For an even more glamorous look, just add an eyeliner line.

Hope you enjoy reading about our weekly looks! We appreciate your feedback :)

On this photo shoot participated:

Designer: Mathe Annamaria

MUA: Gina Bordas

Model: Bodnar Tunde

Photo: Engel Levente and Gal Szilard.

Stay tuned for a new revolutionary design on Wednesday. Sanko Gyatsa will present his Notebook on our blog!

Feb 15, 2013

Silver Necklace

Hi everyone! :D It's finally Friday !... I thought that this weekend will never come :))... For this DIY I made you a nice silver necklace...

On this photo shoot I worked with Levente Engel and Gal Szilard.

I hope you like it! Have a nice weekend and stay tuned for a new weekly look on Monday !

Feb 14, 2013

Love me or not...

Hi everyone! It’s Valentine’s Day!! Some of you feels good about it, other’s don’t…I was wondering about this “day” because today at work some of my colleague were excited what their partners would do for them, but the boys were exhausted and frustrated. I thought about this subject. 

After a big brainstorming with my friend at Style Mile we decided to do a Pro romantic look and a sarcastic anti valentine personality. 

The design is based on the personality. The romantic look pictures the girl who always dreams about the perfect man how may or not come… The design was inspired from the Renaissance, soft simple line. I used velvet with golden cord. In terms of makeup, we pictured the Pro girl wearing natural makeup, in neutral colors and a matching lipstick. She is always ready for a romantic date. 

The anti-valentine is a simple rock look. The girl who’s always sarcastic, realistic and always gets what she wants. The inspiration for this look is from the hipster’s mania. Her makeup was a blend of heavy lined eyes and a lipstick in the color of the dress. As you may see from the pictures, her expressive face was used to describe the anti feeling, meaning that romance is not important, but having fun yes. 

On this photo shoot we worked with a new industrial designer Sanko Gyatsa. This amazing note book was made by him. You can check his work here.

On this photo shoot participated: 

Designer: Mathe Annamaria 

Industrial Designer: Sanko Gyatsa 

MUA: Gina Bordas 

Models: Adel Bery, Roman Helga

I hope you had a nice and romantic valentine! Stay tuned for tomorrow…It’s Friday = DIY :D 

Feb 13, 2013

Make up trends for 2013 (part1)


The spring is just one step forward and the fashion designers have already exhibited their idea on what makeup will women wear during the spring summer season. As you may know, there are no rules in makeup and it is quite all right to wear what suit you best. Our proposals for spring season / part 1 are:

1. Eye liner. Eyeliner has always been in trends, now more than before. You may experiment with various forms and line thicknesses, even with various colors. Our model comes with a daily look, with nude lip, and an evening look, with red and glittery lips. Ready for party!

2. More is less. A neutral, brown-based look and be assorted with red lips, no matter the time of the day. You can skip eye makeup or use just skin colors to enhance and mascara. The face will look neat and glamorous anyway.

3. Pink, pink, pink. Pink has become a must-wear color mostly for the young women. It can be used for daytime looks as well as for evening looks. For evening, some shimmer or glitter can be added. It is advisable to wear pink in one single color and not blend/mix with other colors. Find a pink shade that suits your skin tone!

Stay tuned! Part 2 will follow soon! Let us know what you think on the proposed looks and how they are looking on you!

This article is written by Gina Bordas for the Style Mile the Blog.

Photo credits: Levente Engel Photography.

Feb 11, 2013

Glam Rock Look

Hi everyone! There's this knotting technique I wanted to try for this week, to achieve a nice look of the glam rock style. I used gray and black velvet for it, but the important part is the technique itself. First I sew the dress. Then, I watered the fabric a bit and made a knot out of this whole dress and kept it like that for 12 hours to dry. Before the photo shoot I released the knot and got this nice texture on the material. But when you do this, be careful to apply the appropriate amount of water, because if it’s not wet, then, when you release it, it won’t have the texture, but if it’s too wet, the material won’t dry out and it will look ugly. This operation is really delicate, but it's worth trying. 

The velvet is an expensive looking material but using this technique it looks more cheap and casual. If you want to apply something on the dress (studs, chain, etc.) you should do afterward, because these sharp or hard pieces will destroy your material. 

Other designers use this same technique with woven material, and use paint instead of water., achieving outstanding effects, but I tried to keep it simple. 

Our make up artist's opinion: „This week’s look was somewhat wanted to be an inspiration for the makeup trends materials under way. More to come in a future post. The look for this week wants to be an office look or, assorted with a red lip, for a night out or a party. We chose black eye pencil and black eyeliner with accentuated flicks. If you decide to use the look for a daylight event, match it with a nude lip. If you want to go at a party, but don’t have enough time to change your dress, just put a red, preferably intense, lip color and the look will be competed and sophisticated. It also looks nice to add some red glitter to intensify the effect.” 

Let us know which make-up version you'd like to choose or use! 

The SM crew: 

Design: Mathe Annamaria 

MUA: Gina Bordas 

Model: Pal Blanka 

Let us know your opinion in the comment section below and stay tuned for a Valentine special! Are you exited? Because I am :D!

Feb 6, 2013

Peparing the Skin for Makeup

Hello everybody!

Today’s topic is related to makeup and skin care so I thought of sharing some ideas on how to prepare the skin before makeup. This material can be considered as a training material for models and persons who are preparing for a photo session and contains a list of recommendations that can be applied on a daily basis. Since our latest activity involved a lot of outdoor activity at low temperatures, models can use the advice below for successful sessions.

Here is our list:

1. Drink water and be hydrated.

2. If possible, don’t stay in the sun/wind before the photo shooting, the makeup artist can’t work miracles on a flaky face.

3. It is very important to clean the face at least two times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. This routine should include cleansing, toner and face creams. A scrub is recommended at least twice a week to remove dead cells. Choose your face cream according to your skin type and condition. For example for moisturizers  a dry skin will need a heavier, oil-based moisturizer, a water-based moisturizer will be ok for a normal skin and oil-free and water based product for an oily and combination skin. Sensitive skin benefits from specially designed products, fragrance and dye-free.

4. Use an eye cream to combat puffiness and dark circles, if needed.

5. It is ok to layer different textures

6. If in summer, use a skin protector with high SPF. This will prevent the skin from sun damage.

7. If in winter, do not use an hydrating cream in the morning as the cold outside may freeze the water particles and cause skin irritation. Instead, emollient products, like colloidal or gel textures. You can use hydrating products in the evening without any problems.

I hope you find the recommendations useful and applicable for best results. Stay tuned, we

are preparing interesting posts for the next days!

Post written by our lovely make up artist Gina Bordas.