Dec 8, 2012

Kid`s Collection Arrives

Hi everyone! Sorry for not writing for the last few days... The truth is I`m going to Budapest next week to present my new collection.The inspirations for my new kid`s collection were symbolistics of tales. The event`s subject was Transylvania`s children tales. I started reading books about "Matyas Kiraly" and other Hungarian fairy tales. After I finished up I made this inspirational board:

The materials which I used were partial materials and second hand clothes. This collection is based on refashion. Let me show you some materials:

These are remains of a blind for window. I love this color palette.Here`s a sneak peak off my collection.

Stay tuned for more pictures.As soon as I`ll get back from Budapest I will show you the whole collection. Thank you for supporting the Style Mile crew. If you haven't "liked" us on Facebook yet, you can do it now, here!