Oct 31, 2012

My latest show

Hi everyone!  My latest collection was inspired from Impressionism. I wrote about that a few weeks ago.  In impressionism people used a lot of ruffle, lace and the skirts were really ‘heavy’. In the 90th centuries the woman clothes were defined by big skirts and corsets. The accessories which they used were umbrellas and gloves.  These accessories covered all the open parts of the body and reflected the art of clothing and design.

In that time regular women had only two or three “Gala” dresses for a whole year and they wore it only in the church or at special events.

The era specific design movement was: 

This picture shows the details of the umbrella and the beautiful headpieces .

You can see the oval lower back or the cardigan decorated beautifully.

This is more dainty with that straight back and the big hip. I was inspired more from the form rather than the details.


My inspiration source from this picture are ruffles on the end of sleeves.

In my designs I wanted to show these characters by imitating the same material and forms. I divided my collection in three parts: the impressionism in past (costume), office look and how I see the Impressionism in a ball room today.

 In my fashion show I've put the past and present together by showing the connection between them. The three office looks came separately. The idea of the office look was based on my design policy, of “bringing color and happiness to the sad every days life” by making the dresses comfortable and precise execution. Every piece of office look had a different character, color combination and design. The only thing what kept them together were the characteristics of Impressionism.

I had live music because I think it's something more appreciated compared to mp3 tracks. The band called Acoustic Trio has three members:  one vocal and too guitarists. They played a soft music.

The bad was designed by Mircea Braescu.  



Make up photos: 


Behind the scene:


 Amy working.


 Alina is putting on some mascara ^^

I made these photos with the help of five photographers, four models and two make-up artists.
You can see the photographer's works here:

Szigeti Szilard Szenner:  Pillanatvadasz
Gal Szilard: Facebook

Thanks for reading and I hope you like my new collection. If you want to see more pictures of it follow me on Tumblr/Pinterest or on Facebook by hitting Like below ^^ .