Oct 31, 2013

Trick or Treat!

Hello my readers! It's time to get creepy! :D Are you scared of Halloween?  I personally  love this day cuz I can make fun of my scariest thoughts  or spooky dreams and nobody gives a damn about it :D...

I have a challenge for you! Send me your creepiest, scariest costume or idea of Halloween and you can win a VIP invitation for my up coming show at Scarlet in Targu Mures on 2 November.

Fashion Design: Mathe Annamaria
MUA: Gina Bordas
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Model: Bianca Biris
Photo: Fulop Barni
Vector Design: Balogh Enikő Beatrix

Let's see how other bloggers are preparing for Halloween...

At firs I have Honestly WTF?!... She's smashing pumpkins :))

BEANGO is showing us the creepiest bunny's ever :D

Modell: Bordás Barbara
Photo and MUA: Boros Anett

Burda Style is making fairy costumes this year... 

And of course we don't forget Alina Ceusean :) who's dressing as a nice black pussycat :D...

The last but not at least Fashion is my drug :D... She's prepared a new nail idea for us :D

I'm waiting for your creepy ideas below :D!

Oct 30, 2013


Hello my readers! Today at 5 o'clock it's going to be a fashion expo with garments, photos and drawings. The expo is held in Bernadi Haz at Targu Mures. Style Mile has 2 looks for this presentation. You can watch closely how the garments were made and how I manipulated the chains and pearls to make the solder part or the final dress back :). 

I'm really exited about today.

Here is the Facebook event. See you there!

Oct 29, 2013

Occasional collection

This collection was inspired by fairies and stories. I wanted to create a perfect night for one moment in a dress which is not field with gleam but reflect a personality.

Dressing up for a perfect occasion is hard. Some of us are preparing years (like prom) other's only hours but the moment counts the most, that first moment when you walk in to the room.

I wanted to create for each moment a perfect dress, using different personalities and occasion.

These photos were made in the "back stage" at the Friday show. The hair was made by Markos Ildikdo , make up by Ozsvath Bata the photos were made by Szabo Lehel and Kakasi Szilard.


Hello my readers! Long time I didn't write for you, but the truth is I needed a little space from blogging to decide what to do next. I had cold feet. I wanted to give up fashion design but the truth is I don't know who I am without it. Some of you wrote me asking what's happening and I realized you care, about my work you are interested about everything. 

We had two shows this weekend and a lot of interviews but I will give you update soon and I will write about everything. Today I took a risk and quit. I have no job, no materials, no money but the good news is I'm\we are going to nationals. I knew one day I need to decide between my job and life generally.

I hope that my work will go forward and I will do everything to be on the top. 

Being a fashion designer is the hardest thing I ever done and the most beautiful work I ever got. I worked as an architect, engineer, manager but I never thought that being a designer equals with these kinds of sacrifice.

My point about fashion and styling is way more different than others because, I never learned fashion design. I want to write my perspective about the fashion world. Some of you will agree and others disagree but at least you will be interested. 

I created this look weeks ago but I needed the perfect time to publish it.

On this photo shoot I worked with: 

MUA: Gina Bordas
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Photo: Fulop Barni \ Bandi Andras