Aug 25, 2014

Keep your confidence

"beauty is fleeting but knowledge never go's away"

By teaching modelling for young girls I learned a lot about confidence and complexes. A lot of women feel doubtful when it comes to their body or appearance. But the secret for the wow effect never was in the body...

Confidence comes from the heart and conscious mind by taking knowledge who we are and accepting our own personality. Nobody is perfect and no one can do things perfectly that's why we call our self "human".

Man can easily fall for beauty but someone told me that: "beauty is fleeting but knowledge never goes away". Taking confidence and being who you are is the most important of all because you can show others that you aren't afraid and... there is the hidden key.

This concept was inspired from the late 60's. The skirt comes under the knee and the upper part cover's the neck, this way the look is more conservative but the cut on the waist gives a little sexiness. Using this type of proportion for the garment, makes skinny body look good and not make it vulgar or cheap. 

This concept was executed by:
Design: Mathe Annamaria
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Model: Antal Tamara
Photo: Fulop Barna, Bandi Andras, Studio Opt
Old Timer Car: Fulop Imre