Dec 30, 2013

Flashes of memories....2013

"Fashion is the game of rich people..."

This is the last SM post this year... I want to thank for all my crew members, models and friends the opportunity and the patience to work together. We had good and bad moment's, I agree, but look where we all stand. This year was a hard one for SM. We lost members and created new ones. SM brought people together, we created new friendships and I'm really glad to be part of it.

Fashion is the game of rich people... my girlfriend told me once and she was right. When I felt sad cuz the SM was going under, I always remembered all those moments when we worked together and I didn't felt alone...almost every Sunday we had a shooting and we were laughing our ass off .It felt good... I hope that next year will be better, with more collections and more opportunities for everyone!

I want to make a smile on your face so I attached some pictures to remember the Sunday's and the backstage moments. :D

Dec 22, 2013

The Black widow collection

 "A woman wants to feel strong and sexy,
 to have a positive, explicit attitude..."

The collection is based on a strong personality of a widowed woman in a modern era. The firs part of the collection was presented as an art nouveau collection. After I was promoted to go to the nationals, I created more looks based on this concept. 

With this collection I wanted to represent a strong women line with no vulgarity, to show the women body as it is. A woman wants to feel strong and sexy, to have a positive, explicit attitude. This collection makes you feel that way.. I left the back naked and the legs open cuted  to give a little sex appeal with limits. Big part of the collection has hardening at the waist to give a beautiful S for the body. 

Mostly strong women's are vulgar and hard so I choose soft textiles to bring a balance between personality and the look. The Black color makes people shallow and nobody likes that so I used chain to avoid this effect. Also the chain makes the look more expensive and glamour's. 

On this photo shoot participated:

Design: MA
Hair Stylist: Markos Ildiko
MUA: Gina Bordas
Models: Adel Berry, Szabo Andrea, Catana Alexandra
Photo: Bandi Andras, Fulop Barni
These photos were taken at the Teleki Castel 

Dec 11, 2013

Why studs exists on the market?

 "...nobody wants to reflect an insecure personality 

and yet everybody has minim one piece of garment field with studs."

We all wear them...Walking proudly on the streets with all those little shiny things on our solder/garment making feel us sexy, but did you ever put the question: Why designers using studs for garments? Everybody knows that women's like shiny things and will buy no matter what. 

In 2008 we felt the first economical crisis. Women's started taking two jobs and we all know that how fragile they/we are, but watching today's women all I can say: they became some workaholic personas and immune on the working system. In history a women is described as a family keeper and not a workaholic. Which is understandable because they bring life to earth.

That was the moment when designers turned women's into warriors. Studs became trends again but this time they were nothing to do with rock music. Studs are the new form of peg in fashion. 

Long time ago when men was going on the field to fight for his children, wife and home, he dressed up in metal clothes and pegs. These elements kept the body "safe" and gave him confidence and closure.

Designers did the same thing. If you look to the garments today you can see that studs are placed on solder, neck and feet mostly. Similar with the warrior costume. They using the same strategy to make women's feel "safe".(it's kind of we are start turning into men)

Is It sexy or vulgar? 

The sexual life of a hard working women is not active. It's normal if you are a hard worker you don't have energy for sport, sex or any physical exercise. (which brings to less children...or no child)

Mixing leather with studs are really reflecting sexuality and arrogance inspired form sadomasochism culture. A lot of women taking these thing because magazines are saying so but to be honest nobody wants to reflect an insecure personality and yet everybody has minim one piece of garment field with studs. 

Why Studs?

In my next post I will write about "how these studs changes women". You will be surprised :). Stay tuned.

Dec 9, 2013

"Dark Delight" a concept by Feher Zsombor photography...

"When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in it's place."

We all searching for the perfect black dress. Sometimes a dress speaks for it self. The first appearance on a date, or the first night out with the girls, but seriously doesn't matter cuz we all chose a little black dress for these moments. Women's and black dresses are bounded sens Chanel invented it. 90% of women's own one and 70% of these woman's has a story about it. I waned my own perfect little dress with my own love story, but this concept is not about happiness. It's about seeing the world differently.

Sometimes in life you have to be betrayed or hurt to feel/to see reality. These photos are about these moments. Sometimes being sad because you realized it wasn't perfect, it's normal. We all have fantasy's about the perfect man/woman. Don't try to lie your self because it wont help. How many times you sad "if he would be like ...". When you go to bed at night and you dream about a perfect personality to escape your every day bulshitt, you can feel all those hopes: "maybe one day he will change...","maybe he will talk to me next time..." 

Anyway, it doesn't matter cuz the next day when you wake up, all those dreams will be in your head like a flash of a memory and you will put the question to your self "What the hell I was thinking?!" ....Am I right? :)) But what if you put on a little black dress and make the world turn around you by showing confident and just let it be...Own yourself. Maybe all those memories became reality...

On this shooting worked:

Concept and idea Feher Zsombor Photography, assisted by Kovacs Levente, model name is Tokes Orsi and dress design by Mathe Annamaria.