Jul 31, 2013

Digestive problems and the wheat

A research made by the Optimal Nutrition Institute made an investigation on 66 persons, with digestive problems, about the effects of removing the wheat from the diet.The experimental subjects have stopped consuming it for 6 week, to find out, if they are allergic to wheat.

The results show that 90% of the participant’s digestive functions have improved.6 of the digestive problem’s symptoms have been reduced:




-food appetite

-lack of energy

-sudden mood changes

It’s not exaggerating if we say that these people had wheat intolerance.

If you suffer from one of these symptoms, and you consume more than 3 dose of wheat per day, it’s highly possible that you are wheat sensitive. You may discover that it’s better for your digestive if you skip or reduce the amount of consumed wheat to one single dose in every 4 days.

In a digestive recovery program, most of the cases it’s better to choose a diet without wheat approximately for a month.

Here are some foods, which are allowed in a diet without wheat:

Bakery products: rye bread, corn bread, oat bun

Pasta: buckwheat spaghetti, Japanese noodles(hriska), rice noodles, guinoe pasta, corn pasta

Cereals: cornflakes, porridge

Other starch foods: potato, brown rice, hominy

This article was written by Kirsch Andrea and translated by Markos Ildiko. If you have questions about this article please leave a message below.

Jul 29, 2013


Hello my readers! :D It's weekly look day..I don't now if you remember the Teleki Castel presentation, but on that day I was wearing a nice animal print overall. I don't really want to talk much about this one cuz I think the garment speaks by it self...

These photos were taken by our lovely photographer Fulop Barni...Hope you like it :D

Jul 28, 2013

Fashion Addiction (modern mix fashion show)

Hello my readers! I'm finally home :D...SM achieved a nice presentation at Tusvanyos and thank you all for your support and for being there! Soon i will write about the event, but now I have bigger news :D!

SM will present 3 collection next week and I'm so exited, and I think the whole crew is :D!

See you there! If you have questions, you can leave a message on our like page

Jul 24, 2013


Hello my readers! This Friday is a big day for the SM crew and I'm so exited :D! As you may know, today is a health and beauty day at Style Mile :D...For today our lovely nutritionist Andrea Kirsch prepared two easy recipes: apple, celery salad and a broccoli salad.She recommends for everyone, it's easy, healthy and they not contain many calories. It's perfect for a healthy dinner. So, I recommend you to try and trust these recipes if you want a healthy and tasty dinner.

Salad of celery with apple:


1 piece of celery root
1 piece of apple
4 spoons of yogurt 1.5% fat
1 spoon of lime-juice
seal salt
1 ligature/bundle of parsley

Clean the celery, and then scrape it on the grater with small teeth.
Clean the apple of its peel, and scrape it on the grater with large teeth.
Mix the apple with the celery, yogurt, lime-juice, salt and kernel/nutmeat in a pan/pot.
It is served immediately/instantly, scattered/peppered with red parsley.

Salad with broccoli

1 piece of broccoli
1 piece of chicken breast
bay leaf
2 spoons of oil
sea salt
yogurt 1.5% fat
2 pieces of potato

The chicken breast is put to boil with an onion, 2 bay leafs, 2 grain of allspice, little bit of salt.
The potatoes are boiled in an other pot with a little bit of salt. The broccoli is boiled with a little
bit of salt in a third pot. When all the ingredients are boiled and are cooled we make the salad
in 3 layers:

1st  layer – chicken breast cut to cubes, salt, oil, yogurt
2nd layer – boiled potato scraped on the large grater, salt, oil, yogurt
3rd layer – boiled broccoli, salt

Enjoy your meal!

Jul 23, 2013

The Teleki Castle open day

Hello my readers! In this weekend I was at the Teleki Castle open day and I felt really good. The view was breath taking. Being there I just remembered the ball... and the show which was last month. That night opened my eye in a different way. This Castle fits in Baroque, it has nice inspirational points which gave me the idea to write about the details what you can find in the castle.

When we arrived with my lovely photographer Fulop Barni, we had a worming welcoming.

As a start I would like to make a little introduction about the Castle:

"The village of Gernyeszeg (Gornesti) is situated in the valley of the River Maros between Marosvásárhely (Targu-Mures) and Régen (Reghin). The history of the village dates back 700 years and is closely connected to the life of its Landlords."
" The building in baroque style resembles to some extent other castles around Budapest like at Gödöllö, Pecel and Nagytétény. It is the so called Grassalkowich style, its main features being the „U” form, a large dome in the middle and a festivity hall beneath. 

The walls and the ceiling of the festivity hall have been painted since the beginning of the XIX. century. Above the entrance door and the door leading to the loggia one can see the painted weapons of the family. But the three chandeliers of Murano glass are the most impressive remains of the former wealth.

The park got its actual form at the begining of the XIX century.Valuable and rare trees were planted, like the gingo-biloba(right from the main entrance), lime, willow , oak-trees and cypresses."

"There are grotesque sculptures around the lake representing some famous figures of the French revolution, like Mirabeau, Les dames des halles (market women) and Louis XVI.

There are some other sculptures in the park representing ancient gods and goddesses."

If you want to read more about the history of the family or the castle visit here.

The backyard of the castle.

The ball room is spectacular, it has the old vibe with the family crests on the ceiling. The castle is in bad shape because it was transformed into a nursing home for children until 2011, after that the state gave back the castle to the Teleki family but everything was destroyed and thrown away. The wall in the other rooms was painted ugly, transformed and destroyed the old shape...

the sealing form the ball room

Gorgeous lamps, I think is beautiful.

The other nice element which "wowed" me was the door. I think it reflects the baroque and it's inspirational. I can imagine a garment based on this door :D.

 Last but not least :D the Park !!!!...It looks like in a fairy tale, I have no words when it comes about this part of the castle.

I think this castle is really inspirational in any kind of way...You can do photo shoots or just take a walk...

The Teleki Casle needs donation. The castle is in a bad shape so if you want to get involved in the restoration please contact here. The open day idea was " to get known the castle" and I think it worked, I felt good about it and I was inspired.

The Castle is open for any photo shoot or visitors any time! Thank you for reading and I hope you got inspired!

Jul 22, 2013


We all live in a mad world. Frustration brings arrogance. I have never understood, the reason to be rough with someone. I think that whit arrogance we can't resolve anything, is not doing any good. These moments lead to fight and killing, which obviously we all regret in the end...In these moments I usually try to control myself so that's why I made this arrogant but a little vulgar look...

Working in a factory has changed me, I felt frustrated and I was put in bad situations, so I became arrogant and I didn't waned to release on someone else so I put all my feelings in this garment...

On this shooting participated:

Designer: Mathe Annamaria
MUA: Gina Bordas
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Model: Bianca Biris 
Photo:Fulop Barni

Jul 21, 2013

Tusvanyos Festival :D

Hello my readers! I have BIG news for you!... Next week on Friday at Tusvanyos the SM crew will present 2 collections for YOU, also we're going to do a presentation about fashion, conflicts between women and men on this theme, also I will talk about blogging and tricks.

At this show will be present:

Designer: Mathe Annamaria
Ilustration Designer: Sanko Gyatsa from Sanko Design
MUA: Gina Bordas 
Hair Stylist: Markos Ildiko from Shinyscissors
Photographers: Kovacs Levente from KL Photography and our lovely new member Fulop Barni.

The presentation will be held at the DEPO tent. Friday will be a Fashion design day at the DEPO tent and the program is...



Introduction: Bogár Róbert (DEPO)

Mészáros Dóra (DoDee) – fashion stylist
Collages – what does styling means?                   

Máthé Annamária – Designer/blogger. Style Mile
The SM presentation will be held by Mathe Annamaria and Sanko Gyatsa. We will talk about refashion,ReMese, styling, conflicts in fashion, blogging, tips and so on :)

Hecendorfer Tímea - fashion designer
„I can't tell anyone so I will tell for everyone” – why is good the haute couture design?

György Eszter - fashion designer
The story of the "Delikates"

The final:
Dodo and DJ. Infragandhi

See you there and we all are exited about this one guys! :D 

Design: Mathe Annamaria
Make up:Gina Bordas
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Model: Alíz Simon
Photo: Szilárd Szigeti Szenner

Jul 19, 2013

Casual hat for summer

I was searching on the internet and I saw some star photos and it just came to me...hats...that's what I want for today's DIY  :D...

here are some photos...you can see everywhere these hats...so i will tell you the secret how you can make some for your self  :)

I used these mint colored materials...one is jersey and the other is some transparent nice textured material...but also you can use an old shirt if you want some recycled hats...

...as a start, measure your head :)                        

                        cut the materials to your size 

over-lock the back of the head                                              

sew with the over-lock the down part of the heat

 with the simple sewing machine make the plus on the upper part of the heat 

 same here...

 this is how it looks like:) when its done...

When you finished it, you can iron it...i hope you enjoyed it:)...have a nice weekend :D

Jul 17, 2013

Health and Balance

In our world, most People either are obese or they are suffering from an illness.

This statistical result is very sad and disappointing, so that’s why I'd like to write some important things that everyone should know.

Often I see or hear someone who wants to lose weight, but nobody thinks about the consequences or is asking for help from a nutritionist or doctor, when she starts a diet. This thing is important, because you don’t know if you have a sickness and the diet what you do may affect your illness. 

We must be cautious and choose the right diet for us to have a success. Everyone has a different body. Some people have a slower metabolism, others have a faster one.

Another important factor is sport. When you choose a diet it’s not enough to respect it. You should choose a suitable sport, and do exercise at least an hour daily. At first it is enough to walk every day for example.

Now I would like write some tips about balanced diet.

Our body normally needs the following for a proper functioning: water, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals. 

Glucose is the body's main fuel. Nervous system and red blood cells are dependent of glucose, because it’s an energy source. 1g of carbohydrates equals 4.1 kcal.

Proteins are used in the production of enzymes, hormones, antibodies, transport of substances in the body. 1g Protein contains 4.1 kcal.

Types of fats: saturated fats have an animal origin and they have a negative effect when it’s consumed in excess. Unsaturated fats (olive oil and fish, vegetable oil) consumed with moderation may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Some unsaturated fats such as linoleic acid (omega 3, omega 6) are vitally important for the brain, the immune system, the cardiovascular system and for the skin. 1g fat equals to 9.3 kcal.
Water makes up two-third of the body. The body loses 1.5 liters of water through the skin, lungs, intestines and kidneys each day. That’s why we must drink about 2 liters of fluids. Alcohol, black tea and coffee cause the body to lose a valuable part of the water and minerals, therefore are not recommended as a liquid source.

Each individual has a different body structure, different in shapes, sizes(depending on age), gender, genetics, health and body type. Some types have better health, while other.

Most of us don’t take part in an optimal nutrition. This means that our body often doesn't produce enough energy, so the first sign of inadequate nutrition is tiredness. That’s why many of us try to fight fatigue and stress by adding some incentives in the body, which offers a rapid energy level and makes us feel better.

For example: tea, coffee, cigarettes, chocolate and sugar. 

The drawback about these substances is that, by consumption, they are addictive while they produce short-term energy for the body. 

To improve overall health and to have an ideal weight you need to eat healthy and do some daily physical activity. Your concern should be of healthy food and physical activity, not weight loss at any cost. Respect a meal plan with low fats, sodium, high with fruits, vegetables and fiber, which prevents weight gain and brings good feelings. 

For a balanced life and health you are required to be enthusiastic, to live in the moment, to be grateful and to have a belief.

This post was written by SM nutritionist Kirsch Andrea if you have any questions about health you can contact her here.

Jul 13, 2013

Andrei Atomei

Hello my readers! I wrote some words before about Andrei Atomei’s work, but I was so interested about him that I took a chance to take an interview.

Please, introduce yourself to our readers...

Hello SM readers! I’m a fresh new graduated student at the Art school from Targu Mures. I’m passionate almost everything that has to do with art.

What your perspectives? Why did you start making art?

I started drawing in 7th grade, by trying to use my own imagination in a constructive way. After a period of exercise I started getting the basics. I came to realize that this is what I want to do in the future. When I draw, I feel like I’m freed from everything around me and I'd like to develop increasingly more on this plan.

Tell me about some of your work...

Everything I create is the results of my imagination. Generally I do Pop Art and Stencil Art, but I don’t miss on other forms of art. For example, during previous years in the high school I was the sketcher of a caricature magazine called "Underground Papiu". The CDs and comic thing I do in the city, is a technique used by an artist from Bucharest, an idea which I liked very much. Using my images and my few knowledge in Photoshop I recreated the art here in Targu Mures.

How did you start the illustration field?

I made ​​the transition from trying to do graffiti, to elements taken from several styles that led me to what I do today.

Why did you choose to work with spray?

In fact, sprays are not the only instruments I use. I like to work with any tool which suits me within a certain context, at a certain work. Most times, when I’m working with automatic spray I use bistoury, because stencil art works well with detailed templates and pre-made outlines with clean edge, all which requires a lot of time. Sprays are not necessarily something, within I find myself fully, but simply gives me more comfort, speed and wider coverage and uniform desktop/work place.

Who are your favorite modern artists? Can you explain, why?

As a modern artist I like Salvador Dali, I find him very interesting, because he succeeded in creating his own abstract world and style, which has fascinated thousands of people, including me. Taking Street Art for example, I greatly appreciate the British artist Banksy’s work; it being very suggestive and full of messages.

What is your plan for the future?

First I’d like to get into one of the faculties of graphics in the country hopefully this year or probably next year. If it’s about exhibitions, I prefer casual informal ones. Perhaps I will expose some of my works in certain areas of the city this year to lighten the urban world. They will be seen by people passing by that have only 10 second to spare taking a look.

What do you do in your free time when you’re not drawing?

Occasionally I’m playing bass guitar or at least I try. I’m similar to any young people of my age: I go out, drink beer, read, watch movies.

How can the SM readers reach you?

I have a blog where I post a lot of my work, at www.andreiatomei.blogspot.ro, but I haven’t had much contact with it lately, because of the exams, but soon I will return.

For closing this interview what would you say for the readers?

My message is that I’d like to encourage you to do art, as art represents culture. Peace.