Aug 31, 2012

Vasarhelyi hirlap 5ik szulinapja

A mai est soran a Shiny Buttons egyesulet 19 lejt gyujtott ossze adomany kent amibol az egyesulet meg egy muveszt sem tud tamogatni. (nem beszelve a nyersanyagrol amit belefektetett az egyesulet) Koszonom szepen a tamogatast es a reszvetelt.... Tobb mind 500 gyermek csatlakozott a mai napi programunkon.

Remelem az emberek nem fognak tobbet csodalkozni ha a gyermek program tamogatas teljesen lezarjuk hiszen ezzel a hozaalasal semmi ertelme harcolni....

Alitja a Siny Buttons Elnoke!

Aug 28, 2012


Hi everyone! :D As I promised I going to show you some of my neon and purple accessories :D Enjoy

There are more on Facebook, if you are interested about the price then klikk! Follow me on this week because there's going to be a like & share competition on my Facebook page. You might win! :D...

Aug 21, 2012

Some of my summer work!

Hi everyone! The summer is almost over so I'm a lil' bit sad but I'll live :D. Today I'm going to post about some of my summer work.

For first I'd like to show you the Style Mile face of summer 2012 :D Her name is Sucher Eszter Timea.

She's sooooo gougers!

And finally some of my works:

I made the top and the dress. View the whole Style Mile Late Summer Collection here: Klikk!
The photographs were made by Palhegyi Attila. Check  his page here: Klikk!

Aug 19, 2012


Hi everyone! :D I'm working on some project about impressionism in fashion and stuff...I find this site and it makes my mind blow :)). Let me show you some goodies :D.

 Isn't it nice?! :D



Aug 15, 2012

My opinion

Hi everyone! :D I've finally got some time to write. The event for Szidonia took all of my time, but it was worth it. I thought, I should write my point of view about this event.

When I heard for the first time about Szidonia my heart stopped for a minute and I was like: “OMG life can be so cruel sometimes, giving cancer for a 2 years old child?”  I never understood this, but I hope I never will. 

I had three days to create and organize an event without any funds. I was thinking to create a program for children with artists and designers.  To attract people I have established a fair, with products that the artists and designers made. Selling products were helping both the little girl and the artists in the same time. We had two boxes for visitors who wanted to donate money, without joining our program. The basic idea was fine; the people were too conservative for this type of program.

On the first day the TV came, they interviewed all the artists and designers. At 12 o’clock we started the program, I was so excited on how will turn out.

At first it went well, little children came with parents, joined our activities, but there were some parents who came and left without giving a penny. 

I adore this little fellow!  :D Shes cute.

I felt so angry and I didn`t understand. After a while people stopped coming; I was devastated. The night was closed by Denes Jozsef guitarist. He made a big show and  tried to cheer me up, but I was way too sad.

On the second day it was raining, draining every drop of hope out of me. At noon the sun came out and people started showing up, so the program worked again, but another problem came in.  Anonym people started calling me; they gave some rank speech about the artists work and lecture me about the program. I felt very angry, so I took a walk and then joined back to the program later.

I can't understand people. When you are doing something good they are judging you but if you are evil, they accept it. Beside all these, I felt good playing with the kids while teaching them. The event was closed by a little band, whom I named  “Sz. Hunor es bandaja”. They made me feel confident and happy again.

When the event was closed we calculated 1153,5 RON. It wasn't a big sum, but I think it was worth it. So in the end I smiled and I forgot all the bulshhhhhit`s what happened.

I realized that, if little ordinary people holded together, they could do so much good on such a high extent. I don’t understand why people need so much evil and pessimism in their life. I’m proud of my work and I hope one day someone will help me if I’m in need.

Aug 10, 2012

I'm prepared! :D

All artists and designers from Targu Mures and Cluj Napoca (Romania)  gather to the big event made for Szidónia Angyalka. She needs 125 thousand euros for a liver operation. 
You can also donate if you'd like to. You can help by transferring to one of the following bank accounts.
In RON: RO32BTRL02701201573083XX – Bank of Transylvania
In Euros: RO78BTRL02704201573083XX – Bank of Transylvania

Or you can contact Gergely József on this phone number: 0746-328.497.
As I already mentioned, we are going to organise a big event, which will be held at Museum Cafe, which can be found in the castle of Targu Mures, with workshops and programs for kids. The event is scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, programs starting at 12 AM lasting until 10 PM.
Personally, I'll try to sell some bags I prepared, hoping to help her with it. Here are some photos of them:

Please join us and have fun, while helping her in the same time!
If you want to join as an artist or as a designer with your works, you're willing to sell, please don't hesitate to contact me: click.