Sep 22, 2013


Hello there!This week`s topic is nothing else, than the famous fashion week in London and within it, Christopher Bailey's Trench Kisses for +Burberry . The first thing that popps into my mind when I hear the word “burberry” is: luxury fashion’s frontrunner in social media’.
Burberry`s title for the autumn / winter 2013 show is titled ‘Trench Kisses’ Bailey specializes in classics with modern twists and he delivered on that promise here. His trench coats, the backbone of his collections, were updated for Fall with sleeves in leopard or thick, translucent rubber and accented with strips of polished metal. Skirts, jackets, and several bags were covered with little strips of leather attached by grommets. Designers used other decorations such as bold stripes and oversize graphic animal prints like giraffe or cowhide.
With silhouettes inspired by the era, including cute fitted trenches with slim gold belts and contrast storm flaps, and animal-print wedge kitten heels with gold buckles, the house embraced its animal side in a big way. Key looks included a ribbed beige sweater tucked into a pencil skirt in horizontal strips of leopard print in two different sizes, accessorized with a slim gold metal belt, and a glossy oxblood snakeskin jacket.

Things got a bit tricky at times, with fashion ruling over function for the most part, save for a few pure coats - namely a cashmere double-breasted camel style. Animal prints and heart shapes were strongly represented in just about every look via leopard, jaguar and giraffe motifs. Burberry also followed suit with most collections this season with dominating metal accessories and leather worked pieces. I strongly recommend this brand, it's one of my favorites because it's very classy and simple. Anyone can look fabulous in this clothes but my favorites from this collection are the one that have heart shapes as you can see on my drawing.I hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to keep on track with other new trends.
This post was created by Nagy Deia.

Sep 16, 2013

Back to school teachers!

Today the school started! Some of you having the first impression of high school or university. Others are going to teach for the first time. Anyway for this week I would like to recommend our new look!

This material is an interesting one, I really like the texture of the fabric and I wanted to make a vintage look with a modern form.


I hope you like it! This look was sponsored by sponsored by SPERETRIK SRL from Miercurea Ciuc.

On this Shoot participated:

Design: MA
Hair: Markos Ildi
Model: Bianca Birs
Photo: Fulop Barni

Sep 15, 2013

Style your wordrobe!

Hey guys! It's Autumn time again. Its time for you to pick out the cardigans, sweaters and boots from the dustiest corners of your closet. Or you know what? I've got a better idea: let's refresh your wardrobe with H&M-s new collection! The theme of the collection is clearly elegant and black.

Most of the dresses and costumes have long slender figures, towering skinny either leather or embroidered material. Before you`d think that this is a dark and gothic invasion, H&M flavors are only chic. In addition to long boots , which are decorated with at infinity– pilots –with leather trim and embroidery are also very important parts of this look book. Hoods or fedora hats are also in, black, always, as well as jackets that provide or simulate air . The H & M look book Fall gives you the perfect opportunity to be a real lady from head to toe and sweep everyone off their feet!  

The collection is much more polished than in previous years, many more compilation of classic elegance and minimalist style represented this year and the color is dark and the autumn hues dominate most. Most of the samples are shown in two panels, we find a few interesting, more interesting pieces, the pants are a classic pencil style this year."When we started thinking about this collection we talked about drama – a kind of modern drama," said Ann-Sofie Johansson, head of design at H&M, during a preview of the collection.   

The style of garments shown retail at similar prices to the normal H&M range, except for some of the showier pieces – made from slightly more expensive fabrics – such as the black wool flared miniskirt with embroidery and a black velvet cape featuring epaulettes. Similar attention to detail elevated other pieces, such as the black wool cropped peacoat, finished with a vintage cuff, and the grungy long black bias-cut dress.

 I hope you liked it, stay tuned for the new post. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to comment. I wish you a lovely day. :)

This post was drawn and written by Nagy Deia. You may know her from previous photo shooting :) I really like her work!

Sep 9, 2013

It can get any darker?

Hello my readers! For this week I want to recommend this black dress...

The world is full of chaos right now...Americans want to get involved with Syria, if they are then Russia will be a part of it to, which is not a nice thing to hear and of course do not forget about Canada vs. Romania the Rosia Montana Project... Yes! We are living some dark stupid days my dears....

I want to dedicate this black dress to this messed up situation hoping you will see all the pain and dark forms in it and it will motivate you to make some changes in your life...

On this shooting participated:

Designer: MA
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Model: Teodora Oprea
Photo: Fulop Barna

Sep 7, 2013

Silver Bag

Hello my readers! Today I waned to show you how easy to make a silver hand bag...I used Silver artificial leather and silicon material with dots on it...


* If you are using the same materials as I do, change your transporter and the presser foot whit a silicon one. If you don't than you can't sew those materials.
* Be careful whit the silicone based materials! They large under sewing because of the pressure of the sewing feet, reducing the sewing pressure it wont change a lot. You can pull the thread but it might cut the material.

Pull the thread a lill bit (only if you worked with thick materials before), change your transporter and the foot (you can use silicon based spay which gives 30 min viscosity), adjust the sewing steps on ~3 steps/1 cm. This will work impeccable indifferent the sewing machine type.

This DIY was sponsored by SPERETRIK SRL from Miercurea Ciuc.

I hope you like it! If you have question or you need a specific pattern please contact us here.

Sep 4, 2013

About hair coloring

In the XXI century almost every woman colors her hair. If you turn on the television you see a lot of hair color commercials. You have a lot of choice. All you need to do is, to choose the right brand for you.

It’s pretty hard to choose a hair color brand and type, which:
-has beautiful hair colors
-doesn't ruin your hair
-does not fade out
-protects you hair, and leave it shiny
-the shade of the color will be exactly how you wanted

My first advice would be: Go to a hairstylist! He/she will give you advises, but unfortunately not every hairstylist knows everything about the color theory.

Here are some advice's and useful information:

1.Professional products are better, than the commercial ones:
Well…you can’t say that EVERY professional brand it’s better, but most of them it is. Let’s say this way: a high quality professional hair color it’s better than an expensive commercial one! Why??
-Because professional hair colors have more extended color charts , which is very important because of the final results of your hair color
-if you use commercial hair color brand, it’s more possible, that you won’t get the wanted hair dye
-the commercial brands manipulate us with marketing: you don’t pay the precious ingredients, you pay for their marketing image, meanwhile the professional brand don’t make commercials, so you pay for the quality.

2. If you choose hair color from commercial brand, don’t choose according to the picture on the box!
In this case, choose the color from the color chart. Before you choose it, it’s advised to read the opinions about the brand in forums. There are some brands, where it’s possible, that the dye will be darker than in the color chart.

3. We don’t always start the coloring from the roots
If this is your firs hair coloring process, don’t start and do not let you hairdresser to start from the roots! The 1cm hair aka the roots is warmer than the other part of the hair. And if you start your first coloring there it is possible to come out more intense/lighter/darker at the roots.

4.Don’t bleach your hair at home
This process requires professional knowledge. If you don’t proceed correctly it can turn out pretty ugly.

5. Be careful with the blond shades!
If you have the possibility, go to a hairstylist, because the blond is the most difficult color! But if you color your hair home, be careful. If you buy ash shade, to a very light hair, you can have green highlights. Which is peaty ugly :-S...

7.Don’t trust the ammonia free permanent hair colors
I wouldn't trust them. Because if a permanent hair color doesn't contain ammonia, it contains something else, which makes it permanent, and that chemical stuff, can be more unhealthy and dangerous. I've read a lot of thing about L'Oreal INOA, and it turned out that it’s more unhealthy than others with ammonia. Ammonia evaporates from your hair, but the substance which replaces it, don’t.

8. If you color your hair for the first time, do an allergic test.

9. The most difficult color is the intense red!

I know, because I had once. It fades out very easy, and when it does, looks really ugly. Wear intense red only if you don’t feel sorry for your long hair.

I hope I gave you some useful advises. My number one hair color brand is Paul Mitchell. It’s a professional brand, not a cheap one, but it’s friendly with your hair, and it contains only 2,9% ammonia.

This post written by our lovely Hair Stylist Markos Ildiko... For more info contact her here. Or if you are the first costumer you get 20% sale.

Sep 3, 2013

City look is the new look!

Hello my readers! I now you were waiting for the new look but I was so occupied with something else that I forgot it's Monday :-S...I will tell you soon what is SM preparing :D...Trust me it's exithing :D!

THADAAAAAA.. the new look....


This dress is simple, sporty but in the same time sexy..This is a comfortable dress!!

This look is about the city...My town has a lot of "designers" and "fashion bloggers". The street is full of well dressed women's and fashion addicted girls. Personally I don't want to be a fashion victim, rather I like to create.

I waned to create a look which speaks by it self. I used color bloc and transparency to express a character and sexiness. You can wear this look everywhere the only thing you need to change is the accessories.

On the back of the dress I used silver/ organic white zipper which gives an expensive look for the dress if you want to wear it at night.

This dress was sponsored by PUCC Sweat wear Budapest.

On this shooting participated:

Designer: MA
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Model: Kosa Rebeka
Photo: Fulpo Barni

Sep 1, 2013

Sunday with a smile :)

Hello my readers! I'm so tired cuz today we had a big shooting for weekly look, but it went well. I love the garments! 

Anyway, this week for me was weird and tedious...but I got something beautiful and close to my heart! Life is hard and maybe the parents don't talk about it, but achieving something starting from zero is hard!... You may fall and sometimes you may feel giving up....I like to represent my self in my garments. I get inspiration from people,characters, political views or just ordinary days...

My point is... If you have a dream don't stop! If you feel weak ask for help, if you see that it's not working out, try another way! My sister always asking me: "why blogging if you want to be a designer? Why working as a sewer when you want your own brand?" My answer always was: "There are so many "Fashion Designers"... I want to be the best!"

All year I was working hard to learn how to sew a garment with quality and fast in the same time...Sometimes I cried my heart out...I achieved it anyway.

When I presented all that work at the Fashion mix show I felt grateful and it was worth it! All that stress and pain was gone after it...This week the organizer gave us participation certificate to remember that day! I want to thank her the opportunity and help. I took a step ahead for my dream...

I advice for all of my "fans" and readers: "take a risk and start doing your dream...built it up...and fall in love!"