Sep 15, 2012

SacRED by Loredana Novotni

Hi everyone! I was searching for some fashion photos and I find this young Romanian designer which made a nice collection for this fall. Really inspired me. I`m shocked. The concept of the collection is about expressing blood red by playing with the texture and the tailoring. Her inspiration for this collection was the 40`s 50`s architect, form, folklore and fashion. 

I would like to share my opinion about this collection. Choosing red it was a smart thing to do because sens woman existed, red was the color of passion, femininity and sometimes sexuality. If your not choosing the right pallet color then ruins all the garment. Working with the same color only different material it makes the garment really chic and sophisticated. I like her designs because she made it all wearable. Most young designers clothes are more carrying useless with a nice idea. The collection looks a little bit avangard but you can wear it, if you want, and make it look occasional.

This picture is my favorite because it got a good expression about the whole collection. Reflects all that three characteristics passion, femininity and sexuality.

The whole collection got a good structure and a hot vibe. Every detail on each dress its really good made, it doesn't see that the material is to heavy on each other. Using leather and soft /hard material  is`t a big risk but they fit well together. 

On this too detailed pictures you can see the contrast between the texture by adding mate / shiny materials. I love her way of work.

I hope you enjoyed it :D...

Sep 11, 2012

Is it?

"A woman must have a thorough  knowledge of music, singing, drawing, dancing, and the modern languages, to deserve the word; and besides all this, she must possess a certain something in her air and manner of walking, the tone of her voice, her address and expressions, or the word will be but half deserved... and to all this she must yet add something more substantial in the improvement of her mind by extensive reading."

Written by Jane Austin in her famous book "Pride and Prejudice".

Do you think this is true? That's how the world should be?

September`s here :(

Hi everyone! September is here :| which means the holiday season is over and everybody is back to work/school. I prepared some office looks for you. I thought that you might need some advice :).

When you wake up each day and you start digging in your closet, then you should remember this: ~each woman has a beauty and don’t let that one dress spoil it~  . A dress reflects the feelings you currently hold. The color which you choose for the day is decided by inconstant reactions. Respect your body by giving it good underwear and the best makeover. You feel good if your body does. A woman's body should be respected by her personality and reflection of her era!

At first let's take a look on some easy and simple line black dresses, they are good especially if you are late from work. You don't have to think, just dress and take the right bag and shoes. The black dresses curse is that it can make your body look bored, pail and in the same time typical. If you are choosing a black dress, you should watch the cutting or the tailoring on it. If you have cuts on the back or draping on the front, the dress won’t look that boring on you. Use some belt if you want to make your body more slender. This season belt color is gold (but if you don't have any I recommend red).

The second type of office look is the colorized one. It's much more feminine than the black ones. I personally adore dresses with an interesting back.

The other typical office look is the skirt and the shirt. I love this pinky skirt with that white shirt. But the other one is an example of how you shouldn't wear it! All black and gray, it makes you look sad and without personality. Don't think in over-accessorizing because it won’t change a thing, you just over-agglomerate the whole look. When you dress up for work or school, you should think about what do you want to wear for 8 hours, because it’s going to reflect the whole personality for all day.

For my last one the lovely, gentle and worm assistant look which is sometimes my favorite because when you work with a lot of people you should look confident and make them feel good. They might react totally worm toward you. People are like a mirror, act, how you react with them, that’s what they going to give you back. Try to smile all the time, even if your morning wasn’t going too well and you might go to sleep with a real smile on your face :).

I hope you enjoyed it ;) I will be writing again soon, so stay tuned…