Jun 30, 2013


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The state, quality, or fact of being innocent of a crime or offense.
Lack of guile or corruption; purity.


purity - naivety - simplicity - guiltlessness

In Symbolism:

The lamb is a commonly used symbol of innocence's nature. In Christianity, for example, Jesus is referred to as the "Lamb of God", thus emphasizing his sinless nature. Other symbols of innocence include children, virgins, acacia branches, non-sexual nudity, and the color white.

Loss of innocence:

A "loss of innocence" is a common theme in fiction, pop culture, and realism. It is often seen as an integral part of coming of age. It is usually thought of as an experience or period in a child's life that widens their awareness of evil, pain or suffering in the world around them.

In real life:

In real life, when a child reaches puberty the innocence is shot down and forgotten. Sometimes I wonder "why is that?" ...but the only answer I can get is "society"... If you are different, if you have a soul, then they will laugh and call you naive or childish. 

You can chose right or wrong in a meaner of decision, but in the meantime I now you will cry your heat out if you lost, hurt or unhappy.

On this shooting worked:

Model: Nagy Deia
Photo: Fulop Barna

Jun 24, 2013


Numbness…A moment when the life go’s out from my body. Lying there all by myself frozen. A moment where everything moves so fast and I am just lying there …
The bones are too heavy to move so all I can do is let it flow with it. Letting the last breath out, like a pain which goes out from my body left all hopeless.

Maybe love is what we all searching for or maybe more, but this moment right here is a frozen one. You can think about his lips, arms or smile. Lying naked side by side him, looking in his eyes and feeling all that fake touch. Lying on your chest feeling your heart pumping blood in your veins, numbness I can feel…numbness I can get.

A moment of clarity… when I walk out from it realizing that moment is the past… 

On this photo shoot participated: 

Design: Mathe Annamaria
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Model: Karola Eva Bodo
Photo: Barna Fulop

Jun 21, 2013

Malachite tears

• Chain Noised Piller
Different dimension copper pearl

• You need plastic ,malachite semi precious pearls on different size
• Malachite semi precious pearl in tear form
• Copper pearl in flower from
• Copper needles
• Copper chain
• Copper ring
• Wire cutter

Step 1: Take the copper needle, put in the Malachite pearl which has a form of a tear and make a loop on it.

Step 2: Take the assembly and put on big copper rings.

Step 3: In those rings put some smaller sized copper and malachite pearl. There is no rule for arranging the pearls but you can use asymmetry to get a nice design.

Sept 4: The chain it’s coming in the last upper ring.

Step 5: You can use more chain for this design. Anyway it depends on you what kind of look do you want to get, use your style and get your own necklace ...or you can order here.

As a result is a nice and unique necklace. This king of necklace is wearable on any weekday or occasionally, depends on the rock what you choose. You can add longer or smaller chain depends on the look you want get.

I hope you liked this DIY! Have a nice and creative weekend y’all!


Jun 19, 2013

Style, Ages and Fashion

This year the Style, Ages and Fashion will be held in October. The organizing has already been started so I think it’s time to make sketches. As I mentioned in my latest post, this show is inspired by great art styles of history. Every year the organizers choose a historical theme and make it real on the runway for the amusement of the audience. The show idea was to respect the tradition of the specific theme by using the same patterns, texture, colors or personality. This year the theme will be the Secessionism. The head organizer of the show is Marton Krisztina.

Last week there was a workshop made to help us, designers, think and organize our designs and garments within this theme. 

First steps: taking measurements. 

The workshop was opened with a welcoming introduction about the show made by Krisztina. She showed us some books about seccesionism and the essence of that movement. I think the secessionism is a good choice for winter/fall season of this year, 2013, because as we know LV came up with the patterns and geometrical forms inspired from the 60’s and that show changed the whole fashion industry. For this summer season all we see is geometrical forms and lines. Some of these forms are not advantageous for the woman body. Some lines and patterns can deform the visuals of the body lines, instead seccesionism is full of flowers and far east simbolysm which you can use as a decoration with a nice color mix, in this way you can paint the sad winter days in a spring fresh night. 

Making the patterns. 

The workshop was continued by Szilágyi Mária. She showed us some tailoring tips and ideas by making a dress. In the secessionism dresses were thinner, flowing tight to the body, compared to the impressionism, where wide forms were used. In the late secessionism women let up with the big dresses and the “S” shaped backs and they started showing the legs and wearing panties. These kinds of changes were made thanks to the invention of the bicycle which became a new hobby for the people really fast. 

 The execution. 

Maria gave some good tips about the execution of the patterns, like how to calculate them and leave place for finishing, as well as how to calculate the forms. If you don’t know how to do tailoring, you can buy the Burda magazine, which contains basic patterns, that helps you to recalculate easily and have your garment done. The teachers made accent on the dress, sleeve and skorts. 

Pattern copying.

The last presentation was made by Csíki Ágnes, about the periods of secessionism, about its customs and practices. Her presentation gave me some inspiration for this show and I was glad to be guided to see that kind of garment, all made by hand. Her presentation will be attached soon to the like page on FB.

Those who want to participate on this show can send their sketches until 15 Agust to Krisztina. The garments can be either pret a porte or couture, it doesn’t matter, what’s really counted is the accordance between the garments, it has to be wearable and beautifully finished. In this year the number of the garments will be reduced so participants can bring more quality. The rules are the same: If you are a student you need to do only one garment, if you are a designer bring 3 garments, beautifully executed. 

If you have any question about the show you can contact Kristina and don’t forget to send your drawing until August 15! More details about the show are coming up!

Jun 17, 2013

Ages Collection by Szakacs Agnes

Hello, my readers! Today it’s an exceptional day because I will present Szakacs Agnes’s „Ages” collections insted of writing about weekly look, but dont be sad I’ve got nice handmade cloths for you.

Szakacs Agnes is a costume designer for the theater in more than one city. I think it’s a really hard job and you need to be extremely good to get there. In 2009 she started collaborating with an organization team; together they started to organize a fashion show series in Targu Mures, inspired by great eras of the fashion history. Every year they choose a fashion era and make it real on the runway for the amusement of the audience. The show idea was to respect the tradition of the specific theme by using the same patterns, texture, color or personality. This show is called Style, Ages and Fashion. This year it’s going to be the Secessionism, but more about this show in my next post.

Do you remember the „Fairy Story”? On that night she presented her „Ages” Collection which was a mix of all the ages. The first one was the baroque then empire, romanticism and finally impressionism.

Her collection shows the feminism of the women body by using transparent silk which flows by the body beautifully. Her cuts are deep in front which shows a little vulgarity. The collection reflected each era mixed with the modern form, thus the collection didn’t look like some theatre costumes. Her experience in theatre is reflected in the collection. She likes rough edges and unfinished lines mixed with romantic and innocent look. The hairs of the models were made in Hungarian traditional braids and the hair stylist added some modern lines to make it fashion forward.

On this show worked:

Designer: Szakacs Agnes

Hair/MUA: Emoke Csernaczki

Photo: Kovacs Levente

Models: Szucher Eszti, Simon Noemi, Laszlo Reka, Mathe Annamaria, Nagy Annamari, Scaciu Andrea.

Jun 14, 2013

Ear cuff

needs and tool:

• 1 mm brown wire
• 0,25 mm bronze wire
• Chain Noised Peeler
• wire cutter
• scissors
• copper chain remains
• plastic or semi precious pearl depends what you like

I’m not normally do cuff for the both part of the ears, in this situation you can choose which part you want to use ear cuff left or right.

Step 1: cut from the 1mm wire 3 pieces, approximately 12-13 cm

Step 2: take the wire and make a hook on each one with the chin noised peeler

Step 3: assembly the 3 piece of wire by circling around whit the 0.25cm wire, go down 2m and leave a space and start over the process

Step 4: now you need to do the clip by making some circles from the remain 1mm wire which comes on the ear cartilage when the earring is done

Step 5: the remain thin wire circle it all over the other one until your dimension is done, but be careful cuz the ear clip if its to long it will stay ugly on the ear.

Step 6: insert the pearl in the thick wire frame in the downer part and help it with the thin one

Step 7: use different patterns to finish the down part of the earring, i recommend to use circled patterns because it’s going well with this design

Step 8: use chain for finishing the downer part of the earring, you can fix the chain whit the thin wire. It makes it more feminine.

This king of earring is wearable on any weekday or occasionally, depends on the material which you choose, and now we are don't with the ear clip which is not an ordinary piece and it looks fabulous on anyone’s ear. You can use more smaller pearls to decorate it or different form to change the design. You can put pearl on the chain or leave it more longer if you want a feminine romantic look.

This result is an unique and fashion forward model. If you don’t have nothing to mach with i can give you some tips here.

I hope you liked this DIY! Have a nice and creative weekend y’all!


Jun 10, 2013

The virgin

The virgin is the symbol of untouched and purity which represents the naivety of the sexual life by bringing love and honesty.

Vulgarity is the moment when the virgin is not respected, ego comes and the sin takes the purity so there is the moment when life hits. She became like everyone else, a woman of society. 

A hard worker shouted down by emotions and turned off her memory.

The purity is gone…Her life is frustrated because of the system which affects her personal life and destroys her.

 Money provides comfort and power but with love is something else. She may change herself by bringing purity in her personality but she always will be judge by the past.

On this photo shoot participated:

Designer: Mathe Annamaria
Model: Nagy Dea
Photo: Fulop Barna, Nyiri Andras, PillanatVadasz

Jun 7, 2013

Wire wrap: Life of tree

What you need:

- 0.25 mm semi-hard brass wire
- 0.65 mm brass wire
- Chain Noise Pilfer
- Wire cutter
- Scissors
- Other semi-precious stone chips
- 50cm bronze chain to
- Terminal end of the chain

Step 1: take the thick bronze wire and wrap it with the chain noise pile and make an input for the chain.

Step 2: the caught double-thick bronze wire will be the vase of the medal; you need to wound around with the thinnest wire to make more resistance and start the tree.

Step 3: Cut off 10 pieces, 10 cm wire of the 0.65 mm .

Step 4: take these pieces and fix to the frame after roll all together over, that form will represent the trunk of the tree.

Step 5: take the wires and separate it in 2 by 2 wires and,

Step 6: add one semi-precious chips and fix it with another wire;  after that, repeat the step form the tree by own imagination.

Step 7: the wire remains from the chips role over the frame and fix the upper part of the tree.

Step 8: put the chain in the medal and the necklace is done!

This tutorial was made by AngelBijou…If you want to order or take contact than click here.

Have a nice and creative weekend!