Sep 8, 2014

Back to school

"Intelligence is is not a thing you can buy..."

It's September! I don't know what you think when the school starts, but I always hated it. Probably because the educational system was hard on me or I never liked what they tried to teach me. 

Choosing to learn or to be taught is everybody's choice. But what about knowledge? Do we know what we'd like to learn? Or we just do what everybody is doing?

Realizing our existence and knowledge is a point of realizing who we are. Intelligence is not a thing you can buy, it's a thing which you learn.

Experiencing our mind further and deeper, realizing what we want, improving ourselves as a thinking and a logical being is what makes us human. Schools give us the options we need, to choose the direction our lives are heading toward. Knowing more never hurt anybody.

Sometimes teachers, schools, or even life wants to teach us something that we don't care about. At least we think we don't. Everything we learn expands our point of view, and develops our minds.

For this week I chose a perfect look for the first day of school, a little skirt, and the upper part which looks elegant, and also sporty. It will make you feel casual, comfortable and refreshing on an autumn day with a cool breeze in the morning.

Photo shoot participants:

Designer: Mathe Annamaria
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Make-up: Buzsa Eleonora
Photo: Bandi Andras, Studio 8

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