Sep 28, 2014

My little story about BurdaStyle

"My right side of fashion"

Being a fashion designer was a chose from the heart and not something what I learned. I never finished any fashion design school but my first show I had when I was 16.

I started sewing at the age of 13 and that was the moment when my mom brought me my first BurdaStyle. I was amazed by the magazine. I didn't understand the signs and the patterns at first. I needed books and a mentor to learn how to use the BurdaStyle

When I got 16 my mentor Corina (I don’t remember her full name only her face, I worked with her 2 years in high school) thought me how to read the magazine and what all those signs mean. For my first show I created a casual garment and I used the pattern from the magazine to execute my look. 

[One of  the looks which I created in 2013 using BurdaStyle]

At first it was hard to understand and recreate patterns but with time got easier. There is a quote which my mom use to say: „practice creates the master”. After time the magazine became my mentor.

 A few years back I was a little skeptic about my patterns. I don’t use a dummy or a mannequin. I like to draw directly on the paper without sketching and using any other helping objects and Burda gave me the opportunity to create my garments without using any other tool. I was skeptic because I saw other designers creating their own patterns without any help which took days for them but with time I got used to it. Now I create my own patterns but the basic pattern I take from the magazine. 

When I won last year at the nationals I realized that every collection has 3 or 4 basic pattern pieces which is modified and these basic pieces are building the whole collection. This was my signature for the "Black widow" collection and the jury liked it. 

I applied for the Blogger competition because I wanted to see how my “mentor” likes my work and honestly I was surprised. I’m still impressed by the feedback and also I got a lot of opportunities. I will start a tailoring course called the “perfect fit” tomorrow and I’m really excited about it. 

This magazine offered me everything what I know about tailoring and pattern making. Also they helping me grow, became more successful also motivating me to learn and become stronger.This is BurdaStyle for me: “My right side in fashion.”

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