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Sep 28, 2014

My little story about BurdaStyle

"My right side of fashion"

Being a fashion designer was a chose from the heart and not something what I learned. I never finished any fashion design school but my first show I had when I was 16.

I started sewing at the age of 13 and that was the moment when my mom brought me my first BurdaStyle. I was amazed by the magazine. I didn't understand the signs and the patterns at first. I needed books and a mentor to learn how to use the BurdaStyle

When I got 16 my mentor Corina (I don’t remember her full name only her face, I worked with her 2 years in high school) thought me how to read the magazine and what all those signs mean. For my first show I created a casual garment and I used the pattern from the magazine to execute my look. 

[One of  the looks which I created in 2013 using BurdaStyle]

At first it was hard to understand and recreate patterns but with time got easier. There is a quote which my mom use to say: „practice creates the master”. After time the magazine became my mentor.

 A few years back I was a little skeptic about my patterns. I don’t use a dummy or a mannequin. I like to draw directly on the paper without sketching and using any other helping objects and Burda gave me the opportunity to create my garments without using any other tool. I was skeptic because I saw other designers creating their own patterns without any help which took days for them but with time I got used to it. Now I create my own patterns but the basic pattern I take from the magazine. 

When I won last year at the nationals I realized that every collection has 3 or 4 basic pattern pieces which is modified and these basic pieces are building the whole collection. This was my signature for the "Black widow" collection and the jury liked it. 

I applied for the Blogger competition because I wanted to see how my “mentor” likes my work and honestly I was surprised. I’m still impressed by the feedback and also I got a lot of opportunities. I will start a tailoring course called the “perfect fit” tomorrow and I’m really excited about it. 

This magazine offered me everything what I know about tailoring and pattern making. Also they helping me grow, became more successful also motivating me to learn and become stronger.This is BurdaStyle for me: “My right side in fashion.”

Jul 30, 2014

Back in the game

"Styling fast fashion it's like eating fast food regularly...."

I think this will be my motto for a while. It feels good to be back, to reopen my blog and restart my projects. I promise I will fill you up with all the things you lost. 

After I took my pause I decided it's time to make my big stop and rethink what I really want to do in this life. "Sometimes you need to take a step back to step forward..." and that's what I did. 

Opening my first atelier it was like flipping my dream in reality. I was waiting for this moment all my life, and I can't explain that feeling when for the first time I put my key in the door to open the atelier... Funny thing but yeah... I now what you think...and yes keep on smiling because it felt like that...

I was scared to start it honestly and I'm still sceptic about it because taking a commitment and responsibility in life for ever it's not easy. I feel like I got married with my job but also proud achieving it...

Making custom made cloths (or fully hand made) it's different, because you have to work with a costumer directly and you need to make personalized cloths, but when it comes about fast fashion than we talk about standards and uniforms... That's why I created a different collection, not Style Mile usual... I'm keeping my basic idea about office looks, gleam and functionality but I changed my technique.

Stay tuned because soon we will restart the weekly look project and also Style Mile is realising a new collection!

Feb 10, 2014


"when it feels like home..."

After I got home form my try out, I felt miserable. I think everybody experienced such a thing. I had to clear my head and start think about my next step to figure out: What is going to be? What should I do with my life?  So I arranged a trip to my grandparents house. They past away several years ago, but that house is close to my heart. Every time I visit that place, I change, helps me a lot to find my self. It felt like home. 

Every day I took a stroll and I did some pictures which I think are inspiring. Also I did some designs based on those pictures.

My First look was inspired by the panorama: For this look I was thinking to create an overall with a print on the front. I want to reflect the winter on these looks so I decided to add sparkly thermal stones and glitter on the garments.

My next look is base on the show: It's a glitter skirt which reflects the snow surface.

This look is based on some reed. I liked the puffiness of the "flower" and I imagined a nice puff skirt with a nice chic upper part and some stones on it. It's a soft look but also reflects the winter.  

This look was inspired by the sad forest from the village border. When you see a forest in the winter they are simply trees but when you look closely you can see a fabric texture in it. Based on this texture I created this look.

My last look its based on the snow surface. You can see how the light and shadow goes together by creating this nice texture. I waned to use this style on a jacket.   

I hope you got inspired and you can use this ideas next winter. 

Feb 1, 2014

So much for my happy ending...

One door closes, another opens…

I finished my drawings which I needed for the second part of the interview and guess what?...They called me after 3 hours and told me that my design and technical skills aren't good enough. Yeah…I felt like shit…I worked my ass off for this one and they didn't pay me anything… Probably they will use my design but what can I do? Someone told me that “fashion life is a bitch you need to be a bigger one to survive”. After a few months I have to admit that she was right.

Anyway my friend tried to cheer me up by the text: “one door closes, another opens”…I hope he’s right cuz I listened.  I moved back home after 3 weeks, my flat mates aren't happy about it, I miss them already but my life needs to go on. Don’t ever stop if you see a problem, resolve it, if you can’t put it away and fix it later, is that simple…

I need to start to rethink my future and reopen my atelier get more tools. This time I want to concentrate on the sales and get more clients/ collaboration … It’s time to take my work to another level.

Have a nice weekend :D!

Jan 22, 2014

Up's and down's

"if you want to be the best you have to beat the best..."

Life is harder than I thought. Today I quit my job because I wasn't good enough. I needed to do 2 dresses at least in 8 hour.I now I'm good at sewing but not that good. I never worked for a designer before but this kind of job is really different. You need to be able to do everything, from pattern making to sewing. When I executed my design (from patterns to sewing and finishing) I new what to do, what technic to use, but here I needed to think with the designer head. 

Anyway, I liked the job but it wasn't meant to be. Yesterday I had a talk with my sister about this theme. Designers need to know to sew or not?They need to know about good technology? I now a lot of designers who don't touch a sewing machine and everything what they design is executed by another person. I think that If you are a designer you have to know everything about technology and execution. That's why I want to give up 2-3 years of my life(to learn every technic possible) . My sister had a good point of view when she told me: "Those designers who don't sew and they don't know shit about technology, they wont survive on the market. Executing garments with a good look and after 2 washes you throw it out, it's like trowing your image out." I agreed with her.

If you want to be a good designer on this fulled up market, you have to concentrate on your quality beside the quantity. There are way to many designers on this world and if you want to be the best you have to beat the best. 

Working as a sewer is my  scariest dream(after what happened last year), is the worst job what a woman can have because you have to be precise, good hand work, long concentration, resistant to stress, long working hours and beside that you get almost nothing when it comes about money. 

I looked up for a new job and tomorrow I'm having an interview. I'm curious what I will learn there. 

Jan 19, 2014

The new beginning

my road, my destiny...

A new year knocked on the door and it's called 2014. I took time to think about my future and what to do next. Everybody needs a plan. It's human nature to think about life and shit which complicates your life even more and sometimes makes you feel miserable (when you don't achieve it) or proud (when you do) because of it.

Here is the new year so it's time to start a new life. At home I became the most known designer but I'm not comfortable with my achievements because I now I can do more. My design are a little bit simple and sophisticated. When I started designing garments I concentrated on the design and not the quality. People around me complained about my sewing style because the garments were poorly executed. I changed my point of view by reducing the design and I started concentrating on the execution. But after a while my garments became a little bit boring. I feel like it's time to concentrate on design and hand made technics.

After wining at the nationals I felt wowed by my work and I still love the Black Widow collection, but thinking back I feel like I can do better. Living in a little town it's nice if you are a writer or a new upcoming designer but if you get on the top than you have to drag your self further. I new I have to move to a bigger town. It's my life, my road, my destiny and I want to feel every piece of it in my vein.

I decided that this year will be different. I will move town to town after 6-7 months all around the world working as a sewer or a design assistant until I feel like I learned and achieved what I want. It's a hard decision to make and probably I will fail. I don't know. What I do know is that I will try and this blog will be the mirror of my lifestyle and work. I'm not giving up designing or anything. But the truth is what I want to learn, the school never will teach me.

I did my first step! I moved to a bigger town where the expectation are higher and the work is harder. I got a job as a sewer and I will make occasional dresses and handmade technics  which I never made. I'm living with 6 guy's in an apartment(a lot of crazy shit going around). I'm not saying that this is easy but it's fun and I'm really confident with my new decision. God knows what happens next...

Stay tuned and find out more...

"I want to feel free and explore my own idea on my way and see all those inspiration whit my eyes and not an my computers desktop. "

Dec 30, 2013

Flashes of memories....2013

"Fashion is the game of rich people..."

This is the last SM post this year... I want to thank for all my crew members, models and friends the opportunity and the patience to work together. We had good and bad moment's, I agree, but look where we all stand. This year was a hard one for SM. We lost members and created new ones. SM brought people together, we created new friendships and I'm really glad to be part of it.

Fashion is the game of rich people... my girlfriend told me once and she was right. When I felt sad cuz the SM was going under, I always remembered all those moments when we worked together and I didn't felt alone...almost every Sunday we had a shooting and we were laughing our ass off .It felt good... I hope that next year will be better, with more collections and more opportunities for everyone!

I want to make a smile on your face so I attached some pictures to remember the Sunday's and the backstage moments. :D