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Sep 16, 2014

Little black dress

"a little black dress is the essential of all women's wardrobe"

The "little black dress" is considered the basic piece of  a complete wardrobe by many women and fashionistas, who believe that every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress which can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The style of the little black dress ideally should be as simple as possible. 

"In 1926 "Coco" Chanel published a picture of a short, simple black dress in American Vogue. It was calf-length, straight and decorated only by a few diagonal lines. Vogue called it "Chanel's Ford". Like the Model T, the little black dress was simple and accessible for women of all social classes. Vogue also said that the LBD would become "a sort of uniform for all women of taste"." [wiki] And so happened.

A little black dress is an essential of a wardrobe so for this autumn I created an over designed  LBD which I want to present to you. The dress pattern basically is simple but I wanted something more so I added 100 little pearls which made the whole dress special and sparkly.

For this week we have a little game... Send us a photo with your little black dress and the owner of the best dress will receive a voucher form Style Mile Atelier. Good luck. The competition will be closed on Sunday afternoon.

On this photo shoot participated:

Design: MA
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Make up: Eleonora Buzsa
Model: Bianca Biris
Photo: Fulop Barna, Bandi Andras

Sep 8, 2014

Back to school

"Intelligence is is not a thing you can buy..."

It's September! I don't know what you think when the school starts, but I always hated it. Probably because the educational system was hard on me or I never liked what they tried to teach me. 

Choosing to learn or to be taught is everybody's choice. But what about knowledge? Do we know what we'd like to learn? Or we just do what everybody is doing?

Realizing our existence and knowledge is a point of realizing who we are. Intelligence is not a thing you can buy, it's a thing which you learn.

Experiencing our mind further and deeper, realizing what we want, improving ourselves as a thinking and a logical being is what makes us human. Schools give us the options we need, to choose the direction our lives are heading toward. Knowing more never hurt anybody.

Sometimes teachers, schools, or even life wants to teach us something that we don't care about. At least we think we don't. Everything we learn expands our point of view, and develops our minds.

For this week I chose a perfect look for the first day of school, a little skirt, and the upper part which looks elegant, and also sporty. It will make you feel casual, comfortable and refreshing on an autumn day with a cool breeze in the morning.

Photo shoot participants:

Designer: Mathe Annamaria
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Make-up: Buzsa Eleonora
Photo: Bandi Andras, Studio 8

Aug 25, 2014

Keep your confidence

"beauty is fleeting but knowledge never go's away"

By teaching modelling for young girls I learned a lot about confidence and complexes. A lot of women feel doubtful when it comes to their body or appearance. But the secret for the wow effect never was in the body...

Confidence comes from the heart and conscious mind by taking knowledge who we are and accepting our own personality. Nobody is perfect and no one can do things perfectly that's why we call our self "human".

Man can easily fall for beauty but someone told me that: "beauty is fleeting but knowledge never goes away". Taking confidence and being who you are is the most important of all because you can show others that you aren't afraid and... there is the hidden key.

This concept was inspired from the late 60's. The skirt comes under the knee and the upper part cover's the neck, this way the look is more conservative but the cut on the waist gives a little sexiness. Using this type of proportion for the garment, makes skinny body look good and not make it vulgar or cheap. 

This concept was executed by:
Design: Mathe Annamaria
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Model: Antal Tamara
Photo: Fulop Barna, Bandi Andras, Studio Opt
Old Timer Car: Fulop Imre

Dec 9, 2013

"Dark Delight" a concept by Feher Zsombor photography...

"When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in it's place."

We all searching for the perfect black dress. Sometimes a dress speaks for it self. The first appearance on a date, or the first night out with the girls, but seriously doesn't matter cuz we all chose a little black dress for these moments. Women's and black dresses are bounded sens Chanel invented it. 90% of women's own one and 70% of these woman's has a story about it. I waned my own perfect little dress with my own love story, but this concept is not about happiness. It's about seeing the world differently.

Sometimes in life you have to be betrayed or hurt to feel/to see reality. These photos are about these moments. Sometimes being sad because you realized it wasn't perfect, it's normal. We all have fantasy's about the perfect man/woman. Don't try to lie your self because it wont help. How many times you sad "if he would be like ...". When you go to bed at night and you dream about a perfect personality to escape your every day bulshitt, you can feel all those hopes: "maybe one day he will change...","maybe he will talk to me next time..." 

Anyway, it doesn't matter cuz the next day when you wake up, all those dreams will be in your head like a flash of a memory and you will put the question to your self "What the hell I was thinking?!" ....Am I right? :)) But what if you put on a little black dress and make the world turn around you by showing confident and just let it be...Own yourself. Maybe all those memories became reality...

On this shooting worked:

Concept and idea Feher Zsombor Photography, assisted by Kovacs Levente, model name is Tokes Orsi and dress design by Mathe Annamaria.

Nov 4, 2013

Missing summer

" Don't ever choose your job when it comes about your free time."

These three weeks for me was exhausting... All these fashion shows and interviews...Its time to take a brake and sleep it out :D...This year I worked so hard to push the SM forward that I missed summer. I wanted to go on trip this year but all the hospital and hard work I couldn't...That was a selfish thing to do. 

Don't ever choose your job when it comes about your free time or holiday. Everybody deserves a free moment when you can lay down and just regenerate or do nothing just sleep and eat...

This post it's about all those free moments, when you were walking whit your love on the street after a diner, or you took a walk on the beach. I created a dress for these moments. 

Remember for one moment the best 1 minute of summer what made you smile.

Make up By Gina Bordas

Hair was made by Markos Ildiko

On This photo shoot participated:

Design: MA
MUA: Gina Bordas
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Model: Bianca Biris
Photo: Bandi Andras and Fulop Barni 

I hope this post made you smile... :)
This post was sponsored by PUcc Sweetwear

Oct 29, 2013


Hello my readers! Long time I didn't write for you, but the truth is I needed a little space from blogging to decide what to do next. I had cold feet. I wanted to give up fashion design but the truth is I don't know who I am without it. Some of you wrote me asking what's happening and I realized you care, about my work you are interested about everything. 

We had two shows this weekend and a lot of interviews but I will give you update soon and I will write about everything. Today I took a risk and quit. I have no job, no materials, no money but the good news is I'm\we are going to nationals. I knew one day I need to decide between my job and life generally.

I hope that my work will go forward and I will do everything to be on the top. 

Being a fashion designer is the hardest thing I ever done and the most beautiful work I ever got. I worked as an architect, engineer, manager but I never thought that being a designer equals with these kinds of sacrifice.

My point about fashion and styling is way more different than others because, I never learned fashion design. I want to write my perspective about the fashion world. Some of you will agree and others disagree but at least you will be interested. 

I created this look weeks ago but I needed the perfect time to publish it.

On this photo shoot I worked with: 

MUA: Gina Bordas
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Photo: Fulop Barni \ Bandi Andras

Sep 16, 2013

Back to school teachers!

Today the school started! Some of you having the first impression of high school or university. Others are going to teach for the first time. Anyway for this week I would like to recommend our new look!

This material is an interesting one, I really like the texture of the fabric and I wanted to make a vintage look with a modern form.


I hope you like it! This look was sponsored by sponsored by SPERETRIK SRL from Miercurea Ciuc.

On this Shoot participated:

Design: MA
Hair: Markos Ildi
Model: Bianca Birs
Photo: Fulop Barni

Sep 9, 2013

It can get any darker?

Hello my readers! For this week I want to recommend this black dress...

The world is full of chaos right now...Americans want to get involved with Syria, if they are then Russia will be a part of it to, which is not a nice thing to hear and of course do not forget about Canada vs. Romania the Rosia Montana Project... Yes! We are living some dark stupid days my dears....

I want to dedicate this black dress to this messed up situation hoping you will see all the pain and dark forms in it and it will motivate you to make some changes in your life...

On this shooting participated:

Designer: MA
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Model: Teodora Oprea
Photo: Fulop Barna

Sep 3, 2013

City look is the new look!

Hello my readers! I now you were waiting for the new look but I was so occupied with something else that I forgot it's Monday :-S...I will tell you soon what is SM preparing :D...Trust me it's exithing :D!

THADAAAAAA.. the new look....


This dress is simple, sporty but in the same time sexy..This is a comfortable dress!!

This look is about the city...My town has a lot of "designers" and "fashion bloggers". The street is full of well dressed women's and fashion addicted girls. Personally I don't want to be a fashion victim, rather I like to create.

I waned to create a look which speaks by it self. I used color bloc and transparency to express a character and sexiness. You can wear this look everywhere the only thing you need to change is the accessories.

On the back of the dress I used silver/ organic white zipper which gives an expensive look for the dress if you want to wear it at night.

This dress was sponsored by PUCC Sweat wear Budapest.

On this shooting participated:

Designer: MA
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Model: Kosa Rebeka
Photo: Fulpo Barni

Aug 26, 2013

Glam Rock

Hello my readers! For this week I prepared for you a nice glam rock dress! I wanted to update my wardrobe with a new black dress and I came up with this nice flowing form. I used 3 different chains on the front to give a movement for the dress. The back in the other hand is simply draped. I love sick dresses, goes well with my personality J

Sometimes dresses defines who we are…choosing the right garment for an event is hard for us woman’s but is important!  We all know that first impression counts and wearing a garment it defines a personality.  

My advice is: you should dress for your personality because sometimes garments are confusing, they might give the wrong impression about you and people judge quickly!

I hope you like my glam dress design! You can order from here by leaving a msg.

On this photo shoot participated:

Designer: M.A.
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Model: Engi Brigitta
Photography: Fulop Barna

Aug 12, 2013


Hello, my readers!  I just got back from my home village, sounds weird… I had some refreshing moments and I cleared my head. So, now, we have new projects for you, with more articles and I hope you’re going to like the idea!  For this week’s ”weekly look” we have the topic freedom:

Freedom is what we all want in this rushing fake world. 

Free to live a life, free from a fucked up job, free from the scholar system, free from lies  or just being free to do what we always wanted: to achieve a dream. My question is: if you achieve it, will you be free? (Or are you going to be so into your work, that you won’t even notice how far you’re getting from being free.)

Some say:  “be careful what you wish for” and I think that’s a true thing.

Ocho writes in his „intelligent” book about primitive people, he declares that they are the most intelligent ones.  All their care about is sex, mostly. Here is my second question:  being primitive equals with being free? Not to know anything, not to care about the system, not to be interested about culture, but when it comes about surviving the day, they can be productive and beside this they want love and family in their life…

If you are living in a big town, than you know that the average woman doesn't think about family, they are career oriented! When the biological time is ticking, then they became frustrated and that’s when the doctor knocks on the door! I don’t think that this is freedom or acceptable, I think all of this is just a bad norm.

Choose life, because you have only one, take a chance, because it might turn out good, fall in love without lying, and choose to be free, because life is not a prison!

On this photo shoot participated:

Designer: Mathe Annamaria
Model: Bianca Biris
Photo: Fulop Barna
          Bandi Andras

PS: you need to see this.