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Dec 11, 2013

Why studs exists on the market?

 "...nobody wants to reflect an insecure personality 

and yet everybody has minim one piece of garment field with studs."

We all wear them...Walking proudly on the streets with all those little shiny things on our solder/garment making feel us sexy, but did you ever put the question: Why designers using studs for garments? Everybody knows that women's like shiny things and will buy no matter what. 

In 2008 we felt the first economical crisis. Women's started taking two jobs and we all know that how fragile they/we are, but watching today's women all I can say: they became some workaholic personas and immune on the working system. In history a women is described as a family keeper and not a workaholic. Which is understandable because they bring life to earth.

That was the moment when designers turned women's into warriors. Studs became trends again but this time they were nothing to do with rock music. Studs are the new form of peg in fashion. 

Long time ago when men was going on the field to fight for his children, wife and home, he dressed up in metal clothes and pegs. These elements kept the body "safe" and gave him confidence and closure.

Designers did the same thing. If you look to the garments today you can see that studs are placed on solder, neck and feet mostly. Similar with the warrior costume. They using the same strategy to make women's feel "safe".(it's kind of we are start turning into men)

Is It sexy or vulgar? 

The sexual life of a hard working women is not active. It's normal if you are a hard worker you don't have energy for sport, sex or any physical exercise. (which brings to less children...or no child)

Mixing leather with studs are really reflecting sexuality and arrogance inspired form sadomasochism culture. A lot of women taking these thing because magazines are saying so but to be honest nobody wants to reflect an insecure personality and yet everybody has minim one piece of garment field with studs. 

Why Studs?

In my next post I will write about "how these studs changes women". You will be surprised :). Stay tuned.

Dec 6, 2013

Winter coat must have!

"Black is the new color..."

It's so cold outside. All I want is drinking tea all day long and waiting for this coldness to go away. I was looking for a new coat design for this season. I heard on the radio that this winter season is going to be the coldest one( I think they say that each year :)) )... I choose some coats design which I think are the best! I want them all :))! 

For these coats I recommend a leather mixed dress. This seasons color is black (Back to black)...It's a figure of speech, but it's true! I watched mostly all the brands show for this season and 70% of the designers used black as a basic color of their garments. I think it's a little depressing because it's winter and everything is grey/white outside. But to be honest back is classy and sexy... 

Feel free to wear black for this season and feel sexy because of it! :D

Nov 30, 2013

Wining on the national fashion contest...

"It's not about the winning, 
it's the respect what you get when you walk down on the runway."

First I got a call sad: "You are going to nationals." I was happy about it. I had to make sure I have a strong collection. I new I need to represent my little town. I never got such an honor, but everything has a price. After a few days I got stressed out because of failing. I was really scared. I give up my job, I waned to be like: "you give everything or nothing". Sometimes in life you need to make bigger sacrifices...It was hard and still is because by winning this, it makes me move forward and not to look back.

 I changed "The black widow" into a wearable classic collection. The finger waves hair style and classical smokey eye with silver glitter made that all fabulous. I was really happy about it.The collection reflected all those strong stylish woman's who I want to see on the street, and Edith Piaf voice made it all perfect on the runway.

When the contest finished the event was continued by fashion store presentation. The organizer came to me to inform that I'm invited to the VIP area and Catalin Botezatu it's waiting me. I froze. After that moment I started blanking and everything became blurry and dreamy. There I was, standing at front of him. The most known and respected designer from Romania. He watched my collection closely and told me: "This is a nice collection. Congratulations!" There it was, an honor which I was waiting for. I got my respect. 

The event finished and they need to announce the winners. I sill didn't know exactly if I am a winner or not. I got stressed out and my models were so kind to me and I give them all my respect... We were waiting and hearing all those towns name on the list announced and when it came for second place after a few second of silence he sad Targu Mures!....Personally I screamed one :))...I was happy standing there...Still I am...

I want to thank for all those people who helped me to get there, from my family to friends, for Markos Ildiko who made all those lovely finger waves, for Ozsvath Bea who made those sparkle makeups, for my 7 beautiful models: Nagy Vivi, Bianca Biris, Catana Alexandra,Bucur Bernadett, Teodora Oprea, Pal Blanka, Barabas Andrea and not at least for CCS Targu Mures who sponsored our accommodation. I had a great time and I hope I will bring more diplomas and winnings home.

Sep 1, 2013

Sunday with a smile :)

Hello my readers! I'm so tired cuz today we had a big shooting for weekly look, but it went well. I love the garments! 

Anyway, this week for me was weird and tedious...but I got something beautiful and close to my heart! Life is hard and maybe the parents don't talk about it, but achieving something starting from zero is hard!... You may fall and sometimes you may feel giving up....I like to represent my self in my garments. I get inspiration from people,characters, political views or just ordinary days...

My point is... If you have a dream don't stop! If you feel weak ask for help, if you see that it's not working out, try another way! My sister always asking me: "why blogging if you want to be a designer? Why working as a sewer when you want your own brand?" My answer always was: "There are so many "Fashion Designers"... I want to be the best!"

All year I was working hard to learn how to sew a garment with quality and fast in the same time...Sometimes I cried my heart out...I achieved it anyway.

When I presented all that work at the Fashion mix show I felt grateful and it was worth it! All that stress and pain was gone after it...This week the organizer gave us participation certificate to remember that day! I want to thank her the opportunity and help. I took a step ahead for my dream...

I advice for all of my "fans" and readers: "take a risk and start doing your dream...built it up...and fall in love!" 

Aug 25, 2013

Goodbye Summer

I hate saying goodbye's, but Summer is over and I  personally hate Autumn. This season is all about goodbyes, preparing and finally when winter knocks on the door everything is dead and white...Spooky!...

Last week I was at my grandmothers place looking for new inspiration for the fall/winter collection so I did some nice flower pictures which I want to show you. There are so many nice forms, inspiration points and colors in nature during the summer. That's why I want to make it memorable :D. 

This post is about relaxing and taking comfort in your life. Stop for a moment what ever you do and take 5 minutes, look at the pictures and let your brain relaxing....Enjoy! 

Jul 23, 2013

The Teleki Castle open day

Hello my readers! In this weekend I was at the Teleki Castle open day and I felt really good. The view was breath taking. Being there I just remembered the ball... and the show which was last month. That night opened my eye in a different way. This Castle fits in Baroque, it has nice inspirational points which gave me the idea to write about the details what you can find in the castle.

When we arrived with my lovely photographer Fulop Barni, we had a worming welcoming.

As a start I would like to make a little introduction about the Castle:

"The village of Gernyeszeg (Gornesti) is situated in the valley of the River Maros between Marosvásárhely (Targu-Mures) and Régen (Reghin). The history of the village dates back 700 years and is closely connected to the life of its Landlords."
" The building in baroque style resembles to some extent other castles around Budapest like at Gödöllö, Pecel and Nagytétény. It is the so called Grassalkowich style, its main features being the „U” form, a large dome in the middle and a festivity hall beneath. 

The walls and the ceiling of the festivity hall have been painted since the beginning of the XIX. century. Above the entrance door and the door leading to the loggia one can see the painted weapons of the family. But the three chandeliers of Murano glass are the most impressive remains of the former wealth.

The park got its actual form at the begining of the XIX century.Valuable and rare trees were planted, like the gingo-biloba(right from the main entrance), lime, willow , oak-trees and cypresses."

"There are grotesque sculptures around the lake representing some famous figures of the French revolution, like Mirabeau, Les dames des halles (market women) and Louis XVI.

There are some other sculptures in the park representing ancient gods and goddesses."

If you want to read more about the history of the family or the castle visit here.

The backyard of the castle.

The ball room is spectacular, it has the old vibe with the family crests on the ceiling. The castle is in bad shape because it was transformed into a nursing home for children until 2011, after that the state gave back the castle to the Teleki family but everything was destroyed and thrown away. The wall in the other rooms was painted ugly, transformed and destroyed the old shape...

the sealing form the ball room

Gorgeous lamps, I think is beautiful.

The other nice element which "wowed" me was the door. I think it reflects the baroque and it's inspirational. I can imagine a garment based on this door :D.

 Last but not least :D the Park !!!!...It looks like in a fairy tale, I have no words when it comes about this part of the castle.

I think this castle is really inspirational in any kind of way...You can do photo shoots or just take a walk...

The Teleki Casle needs donation. The castle is in a bad shape so if you want to get involved in the restoration please contact here. The open day idea was " to get known the castle" and I think it worked, I felt good about it and I was inspired.

The Castle is open for any photo shoot or visitors any time! Thank you for reading and I hope you got inspired!

Jul 8, 2013

The Light Fastival

Hello, my dear readers! Have you hear about the light festival? Or who are the guys behind it? What’s the idea of the whole festival? Now I can answer all those questions!

A few weeks back, I was with my colleagues to drink a beer and, at the bar table, there was the invitation for the festival. I remembered last year being so romantic and I wanted to go this year to see it again and it turned out really good. The people were sociable and looked happy. 

This festival was created by SCOUTS and their point of view is to create a better world. The mission of this organization is to help the young generation and giving them new perspective about life and education. 

This light night is an artistic “festival” which lasts 2 hour long with different artistic programs. Most members of this organization are underage children. 

Why did they create this?

Life became hard for all of us, a routine which never ends, a job and family which we care about, and of course time management is getting harder and harder. The light is representing the hope and soul which they chose as their symbol. 

By this event the young artists can express themselves by giving a new point of view about life, like taking a break from our regular routine. 

On this event I met a lot of young artists with hopes and dreams. The festival itself was warm and welcoming. The entrance was full of candles in a romantic way. On the right was a group of organizers and children making lampions.

children making lampions...

children drawings :)

Going forward there were symbols of the organization on the street and more artists showing their work. I met a young artist who uses spray to make his works. I think it is something really interesting and hard to make… but about his work and perspectives I will write next time :D.

 Andrei's work

All the happy ppl :D

As the final of the festival there was a group of young people singing and entertaining everybody. I sat there and listened to the sound of the chorus and I was amazed by the view of the town. 

 cuz SM was there :D

Jun 19, 2013

Style, Ages and Fashion

This year the Style, Ages and Fashion will be held in October. The organizing has already been started so I think it’s time to make sketches. As I mentioned in my latest post, this show is inspired by great art styles of history. Every year the organizers choose a historical theme and make it real on the runway for the amusement of the audience. The show idea was to respect the tradition of the specific theme by using the same patterns, texture, colors or personality. This year the theme will be the Secessionism. The head organizer of the show is Marton Krisztina.

Last week there was a workshop made to help us, designers, think and organize our designs and garments within this theme. 

First steps: taking measurements. 

The workshop was opened with a welcoming introduction about the show made by Krisztina. She showed us some books about seccesionism and the essence of that movement. I think the secessionism is a good choice for winter/fall season of this year, 2013, because as we know LV came up with the patterns and geometrical forms inspired from the 60’s and that show changed the whole fashion industry. For this summer season all we see is geometrical forms and lines. Some of these forms are not advantageous for the woman body. Some lines and patterns can deform the visuals of the body lines, instead seccesionism is full of flowers and far east simbolysm which you can use as a decoration with a nice color mix, in this way you can paint the sad winter days in a spring fresh night. 

Making the patterns. 

The workshop was continued by Szilágyi Mária. She showed us some tailoring tips and ideas by making a dress. In the secessionism dresses were thinner, flowing tight to the body, compared to the impressionism, where wide forms were used. In the late secessionism women let up with the big dresses and the “S” shaped backs and they started showing the legs and wearing panties. These kinds of changes were made thanks to the invention of the bicycle which became a new hobby for the people really fast. 

 The execution. 

Maria gave some good tips about the execution of the patterns, like how to calculate them and leave place for finishing, as well as how to calculate the forms. If you don’t know how to do tailoring, you can buy the Burda magazine, which contains basic patterns, that helps you to recalculate easily and have your garment done. The teachers made accent on the dress, sleeve and skorts. 

Pattern copying.

The last presentation was made by Csíki Ágnes, about the periods of secessionism, about its customs and practices. Her presentation gave me some inspiration for this show and I was glad to be guided to see that kind of garment, all made by hand. Her presentation will be attached soon to the like page on FB.

Those who want to participate on this show can send their sketches until 15 Agust to Krisztina. The garments can be either pret a porte or couture, it doesn’t matter, what’s really counted is the accordance between the garments, it has to be wearable and beautifully finished. In this year the number of the garments will be reduced so participants can bring more quality. The rules are the same: If you are a student you need to do only one garment, if you are a designer bring 3 garments, beautifully executed. 

If you have any question about the show you can contact Kristina and don’t forget to send your drawing until August 15! More details about the show are coming up!